Your Questions on Health, Faith, and Marriage Answered! Podcast

Your Questions on Health, Faith, and Marriage Answered!

Welcome to The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 20. Today we want to share with you some great questions about faith, marriage, and health. Let’s dive right in to episode 20 where your get the answers you’ve been waiting for. Also, remember to take action with this week’s action step activity.



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Show Notes:

Questions 1: “What kind of things should we discuss in front of kids, and what things should wait?”

Kids need to see conflict resolution…they don’t need to see fighting. It’s OK for them to see parents disagree. It’s not OK for them to see parents belittle each other, give each other the silent treatment, or fight dirty. If you know that this is a topic that can get ugly, stop it immediately and save it for a time when the kids aren’t around. Remember, conflict resolution  a critical life skill. It is crucial to their development to learn how to communicate and resolve conflict. Just remember to keep it civil and be sure to show them resolution and how to act with grace and respect when you disagree.

Question 2: How do you ask God for healing and feel worthy enough to receive it?

After walking through my own season of divine health and diving into the scriptures on healing, I can assure you that the answer to this question isn’t a quick one…but I will do my best to keep it short!

Feeling worthy enough to receive healing is something that only God can help you with – your job is to take the time to go through the process of allowing Him to work in the deepest areas of your soul. This is accomplished by writing His Word in your heart and then training your mind to receive and believe it as truth for how God sees you. It takes practice, but you can do it! God will help you!

I highly suggest that you Google search all of the verses on healing that are in the Bible. Start with one translation such as the NIV or whatever Bible you have right now, and then reference other versions like The Message for a deeper understanding. Type up (or copy and paste) all of the verses onto a word document so you can print it out and begin to highlight these verses in your Bible. Ask God to direct you as you meditate on these verses – He is so faithful and will answer your prayers when you seek him!

Another thing to keep in mind is that healing comes in all types of forms. An emotional healing of fear and worry in your heart can be more important and life changing than a physical healing itself. Also keep in mind that sometimes the medical field gets a bad rap because people are misusing it and not doing what they can naturally at home like eating healthy and exercising.

God uses “medicine” in the Bible as well and he works through doctors. The book of Luke was written by Luke who was in fact a doctor! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is no healing in the medical field, and at the same time, ask God to reveal exactly WHAT you are asking for healing of. And always be sure to do what you can at home by eating right, exercising, etc.

Question #3: “When is the best time of day to communicate? Can too late can cause fights because of being tired?”

Absolutely, it does! It is not so much what time of day it is  as whether or not one or both of you is tired. Talking about anything when you are tired is not a great idea. If it’s a BIG topic you need to discuss set aside a time to talk about it when you are both fresh and awake. Men are usually done communicating by the end of the day because they have simply used up all their words by evening time. If your man is like this talk in the morning and spend the evening cuddled up together on the couch.

It is also not a good idea to have a heated discussion when you, or your spouse, are hungry. “Hangry” (hunger + anger) is not a good place to be before an important conversation, LOL.

Questions 4: How do you eat the colors of the rainbow? 

That’s a great question! Let me tell you about a typical colorful eating day for me. It starts with a veggie filled breakfast – like Sautéed Swiss chard with olive oil, white onions and yellow tomatoes. I also added a poached egg. Colors of the rainbow included: green, white, and yellow. 

For a snack I put together a smoothie filled with kale, spinach, kiwi, an apple, some carrot juice, and my Juice Plus+ complete shake mix. Colors of the rainbow included: green, red, and orange. 

Lunch was a delicious pecan crusted chicken salad from Johnny Carinos – hold the bacon dressing please and drizzle with olive oil instead. It had spinach and tomatoes on it so that added some more red and green to my day. 

For dinner – I ate light – tuna salad with craisins and spinach on top of some Mary’s Gone Crackers (my favorite crackers filled with flax seeds and other nuts and seeds!). 

The total colors of the rainbow that I ate yesterday were: Red, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, and purple/pink from the craisins.

Another way to add more of the blues and purples would be to have a snack of purple grapes and string cheese, or a yogurt parfait with blueberries and blackberries!

It really is easy to eat the colors of the rainbow every day – IF you plan ahead and choose colorful items while grocery shopping. Challenge yourself to buy 80% of your groceries from the produce section of the store and you’ll be well on your way to having a colorful dining experience!


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