Words have power

Words Have Power

By, Lance Moericke

Words have always been fascinating to me. The definitions, nuances and beauty that they can posses. How authors can shape words into stories that captivate us. How Poets can romanticize anything with a few words to enchant us. But this week I was reminded of the ugliness of words. Words that have weight, that destroy and cripple. I was reminded that words have power. 

As I was getting my haircut, the stylist who was cutting my hair, shared a story with me from her childhood. She said it was traumatizing for her to ride the bus. A boy told her one day that her life wasn’t worth a quarter inch of his jeans. And then she said the most haunting thing “I’ve never forgotten that, and I’ll always remember it”

Words have power. Destructive power.

Imagine thinking your life has no worth. Imagine thinking it over and over again. Day by day. After awhile I imagine you start to believe it and accept it. Does this sound like a voice in your life?

I really hope not. Because the great thing about words is that they can build you up. If someone could go back in time and speak words of life over my hairstylist how much different would her life be today? I guarantee you she wouldn’t be questioning her worthiness everyday.

So take some time to think about your words. Words have power! Are they words of life or words of death? Are you building people up or tearing them down? What words are you saying over yourself? Is everything against you and nothing ever goes right. How much impact can your words have on a daily basis?

Try it this week and I’ll try it to. Think before you speak. Cheer, encourage, love and honor people with your words. Because I don’t want another little girl growing up questioning her worthiness.



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