Who are you Cheering for?

By, Lance Moericke 

Wow. Another Olympics has come and gone. I have to admit there was something special about these games. Something I haven’t been able to put my finger on. Maybe because there was so many amazing and emotional moments. Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps, Allyson Felix, The U.S. women’s gymnastics team, The U.S. men’s basketball team all gave me moments of pride. It was so awesome to see my four-year-old daughter cheer for these people like they were family. It’s something I will never forget. 

Maybe that’s what made it so great. I got to teach my daughter about different races and cultures, because it wasn’t just the U.S. we were cheering for. We cheered for Giulia Steingruber, the Swiss gymnast who won the first ever medal in the vault for her country. I cheered for Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst when they won the first Gold Medal for Germany in sand volleyball. And of course we cheered for Usain Bolt because how could you not.

What an amazing thing! My family in North Dakota was cheering 5,000 miles away for the Swiss, German and Jamaican teams. Maybe not so crazy we would be cheering for the Germans, because there is a very rich German culture in North Dakota but you get my point. We’re cheering for people who are different then us, have different cultures and backgrounds then we do but at that moment in time we all wanted the same thing. We all saw the goal ahead and wanted to share in the victory. Incredible.

This got me thinking…who are you cheering for? 

What if we had that attitude outside of the realm of sports? Think about it. What if we cheered for the single mom working two jobs so her kid can have a better life? What if we cheered for the ex-con who got his first job since leaving prison? What would that look like? Are you cheering for people who are going through adversity but succeeding in spite of their circumstance? If your not. You should be! To me that sows the seeds of racial harmony. That would be unity at its finest.

Here’s the challenge for us this week; let’s be cheerleaders. Cheerleaders for everyone regardless of race, religion, upbringing, anything. Shake someone’s hand, give an encouraging word or maybe a pat on the back. You have no idea the influence you have and the impact cheering someone on can have. You never know, you could be talking to a future Olympian and your words are the keys to their success.

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Lance Moericke is one of the Men in the Den here at Big Blue Couch™ Coaching, LLC. He hosts our weekly podcast show, Courageous Nation™, writes for our blog, and he is married to Miss Maddie.






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