When God’s Word Comes Alive

Psalm 39:7

And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only Hope is in you.


When I read this scripture, the first thing that comes to mind, is a Star Wars movie scene when Princess Leia is calling out to Obi-Wan Kenobi, “This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope. “

Admitting that I see Star Wars references when I’m reading the word is very vulnerable for me. There was a time not so long ago, when I was told how I read the Word, is “silly and doesn’t make any sense.” I walked through a very heart breaking season recently, when I let the negative words of people I once admired take root in my heart, and separate me from how I was hearing from God.  

Something you should know about me is how much I love reading. I love coming of age stories, where the protagonist finds themselves in difficult situations; and, in the midst of defeating darkness, somehow also finds themselves the hero they were always meant to be.

I’ve always found myself closest to God in between stories of fictional characters. That was until I started to appreciate my time in the Word. The more I read the word the more I find myself drawn to the stories of survival, love, hope, redemption, sacrifice, and faith when it looked like all hope was lost. The word of God is alive. But, for a long time I let it lie dormant in my life because the way I experienced it looked different to others.

Don’t let the words of others keep you from experiencing God. We are all given different personalities and interests. There is a reason we’re passionate about certain things. For me it’s coming of age stories, and grand fictional adventures, because I want to be a writer. I want to create stories and share Gods love through fictional characters. It took me a long time to understand this. It took me a long time to embrace the fun way God speaks to me through his Word. I let the hurtful words of others replace the word of God. I stopped letting His words come alive!

But because God’s grace is overflowing, when I found my way back to feeling the Holy Spirit again and making time to read Gods word, I found that it was just as exciting as ever.

I want to encourage you today to spend some time with Psalm 39:7. Let the words sink into your heart. Let the words come alive for you. Depending where you are at in your walk with God, and what season of life you are in, this scripture may feel like a joyous praise or an emotional outcry.

Either way, let the words come alive for you! Let them uncover messy emotions or hilarious movie scenes. It doesn’t matter as long as you are experiencing His words in real life circumstances. The stories of the Bible are relevant today, Jesus is still the greatest protagonist to ever live. Because Jesus is alive in all of us, we might be a little closer than we thought to defeating the darkness and becoming the heroes we were always meant to be.

~Miss Maddie


Madison Moericke (Miss Maddie) is our BFF and currently holds the honorable title of “Keeper of the Couch”. Yes, the big blue couch lives at her house right now. She currently works as a Travel Nurse, and lives in Bismarck with her husband and daughter. We are honored to have her as part of our team!



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