Video – Feel invisible?

Feel invisible? Here’s how to be steadfast when you feel like no one notices you…

Earlier this week I shared a message with our Steady ON coaching group about how to be steadfast and stay the course when you feel invisible. You see, the night before I had watched the movie, Hidden Figures, with my husband. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then you MUST!!! It’s based on a true story and the women in this show truly display every characteristic that a beautifully whole woman has. It totally inspired me with this special message that is so timely!

So…we decided to do something that we have never done before…we decided to share it outside of our private coaching group! (gasp!!!) Here is the short video – take great notes, and if you are ready to go deeper into the 5 foundational characteristics that I talk about in this video, then join us in Steady ON before registration closes on May 16th!!!

Have a great day!

~Coach Mandy

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