Unbroken Faith Coaching Experience

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The UNBROKEN Faith Coaching Experience is perfect for any woman who wants healing from the broken pieces of her life, the skills to rise up out of hopeless circumstances, and the ability walk forward with faith and courage. 

  • Discover how to grab hold of the promises of God and find your tenacity and strength.
  • Embrace and heal from the broken pieces in your life.
  • 30 day Bible Study to help you dig deep and find your courage. 
  • Daily journal prompts with ample space to write. 
  • 30 daily Truth Statements tm to encourage and inspire you. 
  • Includes 5-Week Coaching Experience guide for continued personal growth or group facilitation. 


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Our Champions Speak…

“As I work through the pages of this inspired study, I am finding that I am simultaneously brought to my knees AND lifted up. Raychel has a beautiful, accessible way of distilling the Truth and sharing with such tender transparency that I step away each day feeling – and knowing – that I am not alone and that the hope found in the cracks is a real, healing thing.” ~Laura M.

“Unbroken has made a difficult process step by step so that as I was dealing with my cracks and imperfections, I was also healing parts of them every day through Christ and reflection. Her words helped me embrace my cracks, work through them, and use them as a tool for a better tomorrow. I have recommended this study to many of my friends and family and I would recommend it to anyone that would like to heal some of their own cracks.” ~Bridget

“Unbroken is a Bible Study where women can honestly share our brokenness, and receive acceptance and Biblical wisdom.” ~Sue G. 

“When I started this process of healing, I was BROKEN but am learning to understand that in healing and faith I can be UNBROKEN. My cracks tell my life story and while they will always remain a part of me, they will not define me and without this study I may never have come back to God the way I have.” ~Kristin B.

“Unbroken is a spectacular bible study that has taught me that although I may have cracks in my life and be broken, there is hope! Although the process in healing the cracks may be long, Coach Raychel teaches us to embrace our cracks and face each day with new hope and truth! It has strengthened my faith and relationship with God and brought me new friendships with some wonderful women!” ~Melissa M.


About Raychel Chumley:

Raychel Chumley is the Co-Founder and President of Big Blue Couch® Coaching, LLC. As a Life Coach, Author, and Speaker, Raychel is passionate about breaking bondage and speaking truth.  Especially, over women who find themselves in toxic relationships and broken circumstances. She is the author of the Bible Study, Unbroken: Embracing the Cracks that are Making You Whole. Raychel has a BS in Psychology and Biblical Counseling from Liberty University. She lives in North Dakota with her family.