Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

By: Raychel Chumley

There are only 20 days of 2017 left! Can you believe it?! This has been a significant year for Big Blue Couch® Coaching. Many events happened, both good and bad, which will forever leave 2017 as a year to remember! So, today, let’s take a walk down memory lane and countdown the Top 10 blog posts of 2017. 

#10 “Let’s Talk About Emotional Health and Wellness”

In June of 2017, I wrote a blog post about the connection between your emotional health and your overall wellness. It takes the #10 spot on our countdown!


#9 “How to be the Smarter Woman”

Mandy shares her heart in this article about healing from a toxic friendship and how to deal with the spirit of offense. This encouraging post graces our countdown as the 9th most popular article of 2017.


 #8 The Beauty in Living UNRUSHED

The Summer Faith Coaching Experience of 2017, UNRUSHED, was written and taught by Coach Mandy. In this blog post, Mandy shares her story of living UNRUSHED and what happens when you do it well.

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#7 The Anger I’ve been Working Through

In September, Mandy wrote about how she was processing the anger stage of the grief. Her honesty and step by step tips makes this blog post the 7th most popular one of the year.


#6 How I’m handling My Grief

We said goodbye to Mandy’s fur-baby Ajah B. in March of 2017. She is so very missed! Losing a pet can be devastating and she gives some amazing tips for how to handle your grief in a healthy way.


#5 5 Things about Domestic Violence Every Woman Should Know

October was Domestic Violence Awareness month. It’s a topic that hits home for many of our coaches, staff, and clients. I tackle the 5 things every woman should know about domestic violence in our top 5 blog post of the year.


#4 The Scars of Domestic Violence You Can’t See

Once again, I focused on domestic violence for the 4th most popular blog post of the year. Many abusive marriages look happy on the outside. This informative article helps you look under the surface for the signs to help a friend or family member.


#3 7 Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since My Divorce

The separation process had begun for me, in the Fall of 2016 but the divorce was final in October of 2017. It’s been a long journey and I wrote what I’ve learned about myself in the process. This honest look at what led to my divorce and how I’m healing made this the 3rd most popular blog post of 2017.


#2 The Process of Reaching a Goal: A Former Pageant Girl’s Thoughts on Miss North Dakota Winning Miss America

In 2017, North Dakota got their first Miss America. It was so exciting! Claire and I stayed up late to watch her get crowned, since Cara Mund was alumni at my girl’s dance studio. Coach Mandy is a former pageant girl (she was Miss Carrington 😉 ) and her thoughts on Cara, and how she set and accomplished her goal of becoming the first Miss ND to be crowned, made this the 2nd most popular blog post of the year.


#1 Toxic Marriages, Unfaithful Husbands, and the Women Who Love Them: My thoughts on Lysa Terkeurst’s divorce announcement

2 days before Lysa Terkeurst made her divorce announcement public, Coach Raychel had made the decision to leave her marriage. She shares her heart and her story in this honest and real blog post, making it our most popular post of 2017.



2017 was a difficult but amazing year! Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me. I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 blog posts of 2017 like I did. 

Much Love,


Raychel Chumley is the Co-Founder and President of Big Blue Couch® Coaching, LLC. As a Life Coach, Author, and Speaker, Raychel is passionate about breaking bondage and speaking truth over women who find themselves in toxic relationships and broken circumstances. She is the author of the Bible Study, Unbroken: Embracing the Cracks that are Making You Whole. Raychel has a BS in Psychology and Biblical Counseling from Liberty University. She lives in North Dakota with her family.