Easy Tips for a Mental Health Day when You Suck at Resting

Easy Tips for a Mental Health Day when You Suck at Resting

By: Lance Moericke

Do you take mental health or rest days? They are so important-but we often skip them believing if we rest we will accomplish less. That’s a lie (so I’m told by the girls!) So, let’s talk about why you should. And about some easy tips to accomplish a successful mental health day…especially when you suck at resting.

Honestly, I never really think about rest and its importance. I usually think about all the things I have to accomplish and cross them off my to-do-list. Rest is never a top priority. I know. I know. 

Earlier this week, to help me prep for this blog post, Raychel asked me a few questions about rest. One of them was “Do men have a harder time then women intentionally taking rest time?”

Well clearly for me the answer is YES, since I don’t even think about resting much. But, as I thought more about this question I concluded that EVERYONE in our culture has a hard time resting. We know it’s important but we don’t do it! Why?

I think it’s because we want to do all the things, all the time. There’s always something to do! social media gives us instant gratification and if we stop and rest we might miss something. You know, like the live birth of a giraffe?

Genesis 2:2 – By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. (NIV)

If we look at what Genesis chapter 2 teaches us we will see even God understood rest. God just finished creating the universe and when He was done He rested! He didn’t start working on another galaxy, He didn’t add more stars to the solar system. God simply rested.

Even though I don’t practice mental health rest days very often, when I do I have a few simple rules I follow. If you are not sure how to start, or what to do during your mental days, or simply just suck at resting, here are some easy tips: 

  1. Don’t go on social media,
  2. Don’t do any housework (dishes, laundry, yard work, etc.) ,
  3. Stay in your pajamas or your comfy clothing,
  4. Do things you love! 

I like to watch old movies or look at my baseball card collection or watch golf. Watching golf is my favorite thing to do when I’m resting. I clear my head and think about how amazing Jordan Spieth’s form is and I can feel the stress of the week just melting away. 

This week I want to challenge you to think about how much rest you make time for in a normal week. If you don’t take any time to rest I want you to be intentional and schedule a mental health day or rest day.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive effects rest can have on your life. And you never know, you might end up being a closet golf fan, too. 


Question… what is your favorite way to spend a mental health rest day? (Bonus points for all the golf watchers!) 

please leave your comments below! We love to hear from you 🙂 


2 comments on “Easy Tips for a Mental Health Day when You Suck at Resting”

  1. Raychel Chumley Reply

    I love to spend time with the kids outside. Or doing fun creative projects. Or sit with a good book and read.

  2. Amy Sicble Reply

    I make picture frames on my rest day while listening to music in my hobby room at my house!!! It is great and than I will sneak in some movies when I need to let the glue dry!!!!!!

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