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The Wardrobe of an Overcomer

The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show

Episode 41

Have you ever noticed that we often wear our weakness like a straight jacket? It binds us up and everyone can see it. We must cut these stark white belts of restriction off of us and put on an outfit much better suited for the beautiful women God has created us to be. One of strength!

It’s time to put on the wardrobe of an overcomer…

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Let’s take a peak at each item in the overcomer’s wardrobe so we can be sure to wear them every day. They really are the most important items we will ever put on! (AKA the full armor of God)

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  1. The first item is the Belt of Truth. Girl, strap that belt on as tight as you can because there will be moments where the lies and labels that we discussed in chapter 7 will try to steal it away from you. As you can about imagine, this belt doesn’t exactly go around our waists. No, it actually goes around our hearts and our minds. It keeps us secure and holds all of the other accessories of the spiritual wardrobe in place. We must stand firm in the truth each and every day.
  2. Second is the Breastplate of Righteousness, a.k.a. the most fabulous bulletproof vest ever designed. The purpose of a breastplate and a bulletproof vest is to protect our vital organs in combat situations. With this securely in place, we find the boldness to step out and conquer territories that would otherwise make us cower in fear without it. Confidence and boldness comes when we know who we are in Christ and are secure in our righteousness. Strap on that bulletproof vest, my friend. Wear it proudly and be bold!
  3. Of course we can’t forget our shoes. After all, shoes are one of the most important pieces of any outfit! These shoes are a bit different than your average pair though. These shoes fit your feet perfectly, but they each have a different word written on them. The right shoe says “Readiness,” the left one says “Peace.” When we wear these shoes, we are able to foster an atmosphere and attitude of peace. We are also fully equipped and ready to be used of God in every situation.
  4. We can’t forget our Shield of Faith. Think of it like a beautiful, fireproof umbrella with strength of steel that you hold up to keep you from getting drenched in the rain of doubt and despair. Pull it out and shield yourself with it when the flaming arrows of the enemy come flying at you. Carry it with you at all times, even when the sun is shining. Have enough faith to see things that others can’t see and always be ready!
  5. The next accessory that is essential is the Helmet of Salvation. Think of it like a hat that protects your mind from the lies and labels that the enemy tries to distract you with. When you have the helmet of salvation on, you are able to shut the door on doubt and know that your salvation is secure in Jesus.
  6. Finally, we can’t forget our weapon. Yes, girl, this outfit requires a weapon – the Sword of the Spirit, also known as God’s Word. Carry this weapon like a great female spy would carry a vibrant tube of red lipstick embedded with a secret knife that is laced with deadly venom. When you bring this sword out – i.e. you speak it and let the words roll off your lips – it cuts through the lies and brings life to all who hear it. As with any weapon, you must learn how to use it well. So study God’s word daily. Diligently work at applying it daily. Write it on your heart daily. When you do, you’ll be fully equipped to use it as the weapon it is designed to be!

A bonus accessory that we must not neglect is prayer. It is an essential part of overcoming anything! Study this more in Ephesians 6:10-18!!!

Practice putting these accessories on every day for 2015. Let’s rally together and make this the year that we pay less attention to our fake Pinterest closets and more attention to the REAL spiritual wardrobe that we must wear to be the overcomers God has designed us to be!!!