The Truth About You

The Truth About You
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The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 11. Today we are going to talk about the truth about you!

A couple episodes ago we talked about how to Block The Chatter. That has been our most listened to episode so far, and one of the tips we gave was to write encouraging post it notes to yourself. Once we identify the lies – i.e. the chatter – we must fill our hearts and our heads up with TRUTH and get into the habit of speaking to our circumstances, and not about them.

We have “Truth About Me Statements” hanging all over our office and our homes so we can focus on the truth about ourselves, so for the next few moments we are going to speak several of these statements out loud because they are true about YOU too!

As we speak these out in first person, we encourage you to speak them out loud along with us, and to listen to this podcast at least once a day for the next week or more.

Here we go…

The following Truth About Me Statements were written by Mandy B. Anderson and are copyrighted ©2014 Mandy B. Anderson. All rights reserved. We give you permission to copy and print these statements as long as this copyright notice is included.

Truth About Me Statements:
I am whole.
I am holy.
I am abundantly free.
I am energetic.
I am strong.
I am the daughter of The King.
I am redeemed.
I am forgiven.
I am chosen.
I am saved.
I am invited.
I am included.
I am made equal.
I am someone who belongs.
I am God’s workmanship.
I am part of an eternal family.
I am BOLD in Christ.
I have a glorious inner strength.
I am an heir of Israel.
I am a member of one body.
I share in the promise of Jesus Christ.
I can approach God freely.
I can approach God with confidence.
I am strengthened with power through the Holy Spirit.
Christ dwells in my heart.
I am filled with the fullness of God.
I am able to walk in humility.
I am able to walk in discipline.
I am quick to mend fences.
I am able to speak truth.
I am completely humble.
I am gentle.
I am patient.
I am mature in Christ.
I am made new in my thinking.
I am able to put off falsehoods.
I am kind and compassionate.
I am able to forgive as Christ forgave me.
I can be an imitator of God through Jesus Christ.
I can live a life of love.
I am filled with the Holy Spirit.
I keep company with God.
I speak words of thanksgiving and life that glorify God.
I am a light in The Lord.
The bright light of Christ makes my way plain; I do not stumble.
I use my time wisely.
I seek to understand God daily.
I sing praises in every situation.
Out of respect for Christ, I understand and support my husband.
I am able to stand up to everything the devil throws my way.
I have the full armor of God.
I am prepared.
I stand firm.
I walk in truth and apply it.
I walk in righteousness and apply it.
I walk in peace and apply it.
I walk by faith and apply it.
I walk in the salvation given to me by Christ and apply it.
Whenever I open my mouth, God gives me words to speak boldly and fearlessly for his kingdom.
I use God’s word daily for it is an indispensable weapon.
Prayer is essential, therefore I pray daily.
My prayers and hopes have deep roots in God’s reality.
I experience the generous help of God.
I know how to love appropriately.
I live a life Jesus is proud of.
My life gives credit to the message of Christ.
I am able to discern what is best and pure and blameless.
I am filled with the fruit of righteousness through Jesus.
I stand firm in the Holy Spirit.
I lend a helping hand.
I live in responsive obedience to God.
I am reverent and sensitive before God.
I do everything cheerfully.
I have the attitude of Jesus Christ.
God works in my life.
I do not complain or argue.
I want to know Christ.
I do know Christ!
I’ve got my eye on the goal: Jesus.


Framing your mind for truth takes time, so  as we end today’s episode, we have a homework assignment for you to help you take action! Listen to this podcast every day, but also share the answer to this question: How did these statements change your mood today? Share with us in the comment section on our page and then pass this on to a friend who needs encouragement too!

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  1. Jennifer Cicolani

    They gave me hope. Hope to keep going, to remain strong, and to know that my God will never leave me nor forsake me.

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