The Mindset of Financial Freedom

The Mindset of Financial Freedom

Welcome to The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 16. On Today’s episode Coach Mandy shares her personal story and we talk about the mindset of financial freedom. 

Money. Debt. Wealth. It seems as though money is on everyone’s mind lately. But did you know that in order to accumulate wealth you must have the right mindset? It’s true. There is a formula of thinking that goes with getting out of debt and staying out of debt. It is the mindset of financial freedom.

Our very own Mandy B. Anderson has walked the road of debt and arrived on the other side. In 5 years, Mandy and her husband have paid off over $160,000 in debt. They did this while going through health challenges, job changes, losing everything they owned in a fire, and moving to a new town. Today, she shares her story and 3 tips to financial freedom. Listen in and remember to take action with your weekly action step below!


We always encourage you to take action from something that you learned from today’s show. To help you begin taking action toward financial freedom, answer the following question in the comment section below: How does being in debt make you feel? Share your answer in the comment section and let’s chat

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  1. laura

    It does make me afraid, we farm and live of the bank loan until our crop comes in. The crop is at the mercy of the weather and grain market.

    I’m afraid of not having the “stuff” I want.

    I wish we know what our yearly income would be.

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