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How to be a Steadfast Woman

How to be a Steadfast Woman by, Mandy B. Anderson  I want to be a steadfast woman. It’s a desire that hasn’t always been there, to be honest. When I was younger, I wanted everything RIGHT NOW! Yesterday, even. I didn’t have the steadfastness to stick to anything that took time […]

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VIDEO- What to do when you’re ready for your breakthrough

What to do when you’re ready for your breakthrough… Join Coach Mandy & Coach Raychel as they talk about what do you do when you are ready for your breakthrough and it just isn’t happening. Also learn important details about the Steady ON group coaching program for women.  Join us on […]

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Discovering the Joy of Journaling

DISCOVERING THE JOY OF JOURNALING  by: Joette Knapp  Journaling can bring great clarity, joy, and healing to your life. It is an effective tool to get your thoughts out of your head and on to the paper where you can see them. However, journaling can be intimidating for a lot of […]

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