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What My Bucket List Has Done For Me

Tweet What My Bucket List has Done for Me By: Madison Moericke A bucket list, according to Mr. Webster himself, is “a list of experiences and achievements that a person hopes to have or experience during their lifetime.” Making a bucket list and setting goals has always been a big […]

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Where You’ve Been

Tweet You can’t know where you are going…until you know where you’ve been By: Raychel Chumley & Brandon Chumley  Every January there is a big push for people to get really specific with their goals, passions, and purpose over the next calendar year. I mean everyone is doing it! We […]

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It Takes Courage to be Real

Tweet It takes courage to be real. I’ll never forget the day I sat in the hairstylist’s chair and watched her transform me into the most authentic version of myself I had ever experienced… The purple wand slid through each strand of hair as the stylist combed it into my […]

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