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My Body Image Story

My Body Image Story By: Raychel Chumley It all started with a night out with friends and a chocolate martini… *Gentlemen this is your warning we will be talking about ladies undergarments in this post…we will not feel bad if you check out now. 😉 Anyway, we were chatting like besties do and before long we got on the topic body image. Specifically my body image and my well-loved gray […]

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How to be a Steadfast Woman

How to be a Steadfast Woman by, Mandy B. Anderson  I want to be a steadfast woman. It’s a desire that hasn’t always been there, to be honest. When I was younger, I wanted everything RIGHT NOW! Yesterday, even. I didn’t have the steadfastness to stick to anything that took time to develop. It was a real problem!  For nearly a decade I have been learning how to become a steadfast […]

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She Plans: What do You Want Your Life to Look Like 1 Year from Now?

She Plans: What do You Want Your Life to Look Like 1 Year from Now? By: Raychel Chumley We often talk about the Beautifully Whole woman here at the Big Blue Couch®. She is the kind of woman who discovers who God designed her to be, purposeful about her gifts and talents, and is intentionally about living the life God created her to live. She dreams. She prays. And, then she plans. […]

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