Stop! You Are NOT A Victim!

Stop! You Are NOT A Victim!

By: Mandy B. Anderson

You are not a victim.

I know it feels like it right now. It feels like the pain is too much to bear and that there won’t be a brighter future. But that’s not the truth. It is a lie.

The truth is…you are victorious in Christ Jesus, and you are strong.

You are not a victim.

I know you feel alone at times, and you wonder if anyone notices you or even cares. The enemy whispers in your ear that you are invisible and uninvited. That is a lie.

The truth is…you are included. You belong. There is a fresh start for you and you are wrapped in an incredible love that only God can give. It’s already done. It’s already yours.

You are not a victim.

You are a victorious overcomer. This season of pain, loneliness, sadness…it’s just a season. It is not meant to bury you. Quite the opposite!

This season is meant to strengthen you. This season is supposed to draw you closer to your Creator. This season is designed to be the one that helps you rise up with an immovable, unshakeable confidence. Not confidence in yourself – but confidence in God. In His Word. That’s the only kind of confidence that makes you shine brighter than ever before.

You are not a victim. That is the truth. But only you can step into that truth by refusing to think like a victim from this moment on.

How do you do this?

Stop blaming. Stop holding grudges.

Start forgiving. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Forgive God.

These are the skills that victorious overcomers use daily. These are the steps that will break down the bars that have caged you in for far too long.

Much love,

~Coach Mandy

P.S. For more encouragement, read Ephesians chapters 1-6 in The Message version and feed your soul with TRUTH!


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