What To Do With Stinking Thinking

 Stinking Thinking

What To Do With Stinking Thinking

By: Mandy B. Anderson

Have you ever had a stinky thought? Chances are high that you have. It’s okay to admit it; I have, too! Stinking Thinking is a real thing. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means…

a bad way of thinking, that makes you believe you will fail, that bad things will happen to you, or that you are not a very good person.

I’ve been on a mission for quite some time to clean up my own stinking thinking. Over a year ago I found myself in a stinky situation of the digital sort. This brought a whole new sense of clarity to the importance of cleaning up the mess in my mindset.

It started with a simple task: update my Mac computer.

Never mind the fact that I hadn’t done this for eons. Like literally…I looked it up. The word “Eons” means “an indefinitely long period of time.” (Thanks, Dictionary.com!) Eons, people. For real, I can’t remember how many months it had been, or years, since I had updated this computer. The reason why doesn’t really matter, but I’ll tell it to you anyway. This computer lived in our office and was rarely used. Because…laptops. That’s why. And then the day arrived where I needed to use a computer program that required way more space than my laptop had on it. Thus my Mac desktop moved home to save the day!

It started with this simple task. Hours later, I was pulling my hair out!

You see, I noticed that the trash can on this computer was overflowing. In fact, it was overflowing so much that it was birthing new baby trash cans all around it, sprinkling their ripe trash can smell. In digital terms, this means that the trash can was so full that I couldn’t even see an end in sight!

So I emptied the trash.

Let me ask you a question…has it ever taken you 45 minutes to empty your trash? No? Didn’t think so! Usually emptying the trash – whether real trash or digital trash – takes maybe 5 minutes tops if you have to walk to the dumpster. Well, this task took 45 minutes. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES! Just to empty my digital trash can of files that I didn’t need anymore!

By the time it was all said and done, my computer had emptied (a.k.a. deleted) 978,452 files. You guys! That is almost 1 million!!! I mean, math is not my strong suit – but the numbers don’t lie! Almost seven figures of files to delete!!!

That day was one to remember for sure. It’s been over a year now and I am staying on top of this trash can situation, emptying it once a week now instead of every few eons.

It did get me thinking though…

  • When is the last time I emptied the trash can in my mind?
  • How much Stinking Thinking is really going on in there?
  • And good grief, how many “files” are stuck decaying in a rancid smell?

Let’s apply this to your life today, okay? 

We all have trashy, negative thoughts that pop in and out of our heads all day long. All day. Every. Day. When we don’t recognize this, those thoughts pile up. And they smell! Let me tell ya!

What if you had 978,452 files of negative, trashy thoughts about yourself just stuck there in your head? Chances are good that if you’ve never thought about this – and you struggle with rising up into a better version of yourself – your mental trash can is overflowing and birthing baby trash cans of icky negativity all around it. The stench is probably making you scrunch your face every day. Ew!

Listen, emptying your trash is not hard. It is a little time consuming. You might not have nearly one million files to empty, but the ones that are stuck there are certainly stinking up the place. So let’s band together and empty your trash. For real. The time is NOW!

The good news is that this process will be much less messy than emptying the real trash and certainly less stressful than emptying the digital trash that always comes with technical difficulties. So let’s spend a few moments together getting rid of YOUR stinking thinking.

Step 1:

Grab a notebook and pen; pour yourself some coffee or tea or whatever your comfort drink is; sit yourself down on a chair; answer this question: What are all the negative thoughts toward myself that I’ve had lately?

Step 2:

Actually answer it. You’ll be tempted not to. In fact, just when you read the question you’ll probably realize that your real kitchen trash needs to be taken out! Don’t do it. You owe it to yourself to get this out of your head and on paper!

Step 3:

For every negative thing you write down about yourself, write down three positives that you see in yourself. This one is gonna stretch you a bit. It really will – but it will be worth it.

Step 4:

Make the decision to immediately speak a positive word of encouragement to yourself the moment a negative, trashy thought pops back in. This is important. Skipping this step will be like emptying the kitchen trash and then not putting in a new bag. Ew!

Step 5:

Surround yourself with people who are willing to encourage you, too. It might not be your family; it might not be your spouse; it might not even be your friends. However, I promise you that there are people in this world who will do this for you and with you. You just have to find them!

Step 6:

Activate. Whatever you’ve been telling yourself you can’t do – well, now is the time to rise up and DO IT. Figure out a way to get that business coaching that you desperately want and need. Take a leap of faith and join that coaching group you’ve been considering. Start that exercise routine you’ve been procrastinating on or follow through with reading the book that’s collecting dust on your shelf. Remind yourself of all the things you ARE capable of when the Stinking Thinking threatens to gag you and then go DO IT. Action kills fear; it kills doubt and worry; it build your faith and belief!

So there you go. Now, clearly, you’re going to have to apply this often. If not, you’ll just have another million trashy thoughts to empty eons from now. *wink*

Much love,

~Coach Mandy