Real Life Tips to Make Personal Growth a Reality

It’s a rainy Tuesday morning in Bismarck, ND. Tuesday is one of a few days of the week where I set aside a couple hours to read, workout, write, play piano, and do things that feed my soul and help me grow. These few hours of soul care are becoming my favorite times of the week. In fact, as I’ve made these self-growth mornings a priority, I’ve learned that taking caring of myself is the only way I will truly live out my God-given purpose.

I’m sitting in my home office reading and listening to my Tootie playing pretend. She will be four this summer and she is at that magical age of make-believe, fairy lands, and super heroes. Listening to her play is a great reminder for me that doing what feeds my soul is crucial to my purpose. For her playing is how she learns about her world and about herself. Playing is her purpose and how she grows!

I want to share with you a few tips I’ve learned over the last few years as I’ve made personal growth a priority. They are simple ways to make yourself a priority in your schedule, to pick what to do during your personal growth time, and how to make what you are learning “stick.”

  1. I had to say “NO” so I could say “Yes”

In all reality my schedule was too jam packed to take even a few hours a week to take care of myself. I had to look at what was really happening in my week and say NO to a few things so I could say YES to myself. I know it might sound selfish on the off-set but stick with me. You see, the things I had to say no to were not my priorities anymore. They were just things that seemed good at the time, they maybe even where priorities in previous seasons of my life, but they weren’t anymore.

If we are being real, there are some things you would love to say no to right now-but the truth is they are priorities for someone else in your home, and you need to make room in your schedule. For instance, my daughter’s 7:30 am orchestra practice would be the first on my list to go because anything that happens before 10am is a problem for this night owl. But, it’s a priority for her and she has proven she is in this for the long haul. So, I grudgingly get up 2x a week at 6:30am to haul her and her enormous stringed bass to school because I love her and SHE is my priority.

I said no to things that were a little hard to give up in the beginning but as I started to make my personal growth mornings a priority…I don’t even miss them! I was holding on to things just because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone and afraid of change. Does that sound familiar to you? Isn’t that thinking so silly and dumb? It’s time to say NO so you can say YES.

  1. My purpose fuels my personal growth

How do I pick what to do during my personal growth time? Easy. I do the things that fuel my purpose. If you don’t know what your purpose is. Figure this out first. Ask God for some insight and wisdom. He created you. He knows your purpose!

I’ve been called to speak, write, and equip women to be comfortable in their own skin. I take that calling very seriously. It’s my purpose and my passion. However, I could do NONE of those things if I didn’t do what I needed to grow and develop those skills. So I read, I take care of my physical body, I tap into my creativity, and I write during my personal growth time.

Your personal growth time might look completely different than mine…and it should! Your personal growth time is as unique as your purpose! Find out what you’ve been created for and then spend your time developing it.

  1. I’m fully present.

Sometimes the hardest part about personal growth time is being fully present so you can retain and remember what you are learning! The older we get the more help we need remembering things. One of the simplest ways I make sure I’m fully present and applying what I’m learning is I take notes. I do this while I’m reading and listening to someone speak. I do this for a few reasons:

  • It helps me to pay attention longer before my mind starts to wander.
  • It helps me retain information longer if I use more than one of my senses (ie: I hear it, I write it, and I read what I wrote)
  • I can write the “ah-ha” moments in real time.
  • I can reference back to my notes when I completely forget what I wanted to remember 😉

I’ve come to the point in my life that I carry around a notebook at all times. Gone are the days where I could trust my brain to remember important information and good ideas to implement. Nope. Now my brain barely remembers where the car keys are. Maybe you know exactly what I’m talking about! I also don’t rely on my phone notes as much as I used to. For me, there is something about actually writing words on a page that helps me remember things so much better! If you want to be fully present and get everything you need to out of your personal growth time you will want to make taking notes a priority!

“When you don’t understand the purpose of something you will misuse it.” Craig Groeshel (Altar Ego)

I don’t want to misuse my life and my purpose. I don’t want to squander it, waste it, or miss out because I didn’t understand my purpose and do the work I need to fuel it. I know YOU don’t want to either. I pray these tips help you implement some effective and amazing personal growth a reality that fuels your purpose and propels your dreams.

I believe in you ~Raychel