The Powerful Link Between Mindset and Money

The Powerful Link between Mindset and Money

By, Lance Moericke 

money-and-mindset-couplesI know you’ve heard before that there is a link between your mindset and money. In other words…how you think about your money is important. A few months ago, my wife Madison and I were going through some financial difficulties. A challenge, I’ll admit, I wasn’t prepared for. As I looked through our cupboards and our fridge my stomach started sinking as I realized we hardly had any food left. I started to feel sorry for myself, started believing that life wasn’t fair and threw myself a little pity party. I wanted Zack Morris to show up, call time-out, and tell me what to do.

That didn’t happen.

I figured I better start changing my mindset about my finances. In 2nd Corinthians, Paul talks about taking our thoughts captive to make them obedient to Christ. I wanted to do that. So, I started to focus on the things I was blessed with instead of wallowing in the things I thought the world owed me. Instead of stewing in my frustrations I started to list the things I was thankful for and my attitude started to change. When I looked in the cupboard again, it didn’t seem so bare. My mindset and money were linked in a more powerful way then I even realized.

It was amazing.

Over the next couple of days how often our family sent us meals and care packages without asking. I’m not kidding, it was awesome. Each time I smiled and thanked God for how blessed I was.  Because for me the cupboard was never bare. Even if physically we had no food, the things I did have made my heart feel full.

Challenges in life are a guarantee. A death and taxes sort of guarantee. However, they allow us to make a choice. You choose to be a victim and retreat in defeat. Or, you choose to be an over-comer and use perspective, grit and gratefulness to smack your challenges in the face. It may sound simple but it worked for me. There is a link between your mindset and money…and really anything in your life. So, whatever it is your facing today, focus on the things you are blessed with because you never know what you may be able to conquer.

Isaiah 41:13 – For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.




Lance Moericke is the General Manager of Big Blue Couch® Coaching. He is a blogger, Courageous Nation™ podcast show host, and one of the “Men in the Den.” He works at the local movie theater, runs an online store on eBay, and loves the Green Bay Packers. Lance is married to Miss Maddie and they have one daughter.