Parenting Tips to Raise Confident Girls

Parenting Tips to Raise Confident Girls 

by: Raychel Chumley 

We all want to raise healthy confident daughters…but sometimes the “how” can be make even the best parents tremble in fear. Don’t fret. Don’t give up. Let’s talk about 3 tips to help you raise confident girls.  

#1 Watch your words

If your daughter hears her mother say things like “I’m fat,” or “I’m ugly,” or “I can’t do anything right,” she will affect her confidence and cause her to think she is fat and ugly too. When she hears her dad say, “He throws like a girl,” Or “Man up” she wonders if it’s wrong to be a girl and express her emotions.

Tell her more than she is pretty. Remind her she is smart. Show her she is enough. Tell her she is loved. Your words become her inner dialogue. Watch the words you say to her. 

#2 Teach her the power of her own voice

Your daughter has the right to her words, to her thoughts, to her body, and to her identity. Teach your daughter the power of her voice. Talk with her honestly about the things she hears at school or in the media. Set a standard that her opinion is important to you and invite her to talk and share with you. 

Let her express her emotions and use her words to deal with difficult situations. Don’t silence her just because you don’t agree with her. Teach her how to handle conflict and differing opinions. Teach her the power of “No” and empower her to believe her voice matters. 

#3 Let her try new things

Confidence comes from learning new skills. Trying new things teaches your daughters how to handle success and failure in healthy ways; and, allows her to make friends with the same interests. When she is busy playing basketball, reading classic literature, learning a new language, testing a science experiment, or performing in the school play she has less time for negative influences.

She will expand her horizons and grow in all areas of her life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She will learn that her intelligence is important and to never dumb herself down to be accepted or popular. 

Your daughter will live what she learns. Our girls are inundated with all kinds of mixed messages about what it means to be a girls. Some of them are positive…but many of them are negative. But, if you choose to be intentional these tips you will help you daughter make better choices, express her feelings, have healthier friendships, and grow up to be a healthy confident woman! 

~Coach Raychel