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We are honored to be featured on the North Dakota Today Show with Kevin Stanfield and Monica Hannan, each week on KFYR-TV from 2014-2016. Below you will find a list of the topics we shared during our time with NDT. These topics can be used as speaking topics for Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Schools, Teams, and Ministries.

~Coach Mandy, Coach Raychel, & Coach Joette!

2016 North Dakota Today Segment Archive

9-14-16, Coach Joette answers the question: How do I handle empty nest syndrome? 

9-7-16, Coach Mandy answers the question: What do you do when people close to you say hurtful things? I want to let it go, but I’m not sure how.

8-31-16, Coach Raychel answers the question: How do I raise my daughter to NOT be one of the mean girls?

8-24-16, Coach Mandy answers the question: How do I stop being negative toward myself?

8-17-16, Coach Mandy answers the question: What can I do for personal growth when I don’t have a lot of money?

8-10-16, Coach Joette answers the question: How do I let go of the shame that comes with getting divorced?

8-3-16, Coach Raychel gives tips to Handle Scheduling Issues in Your Family.

7-20-16, Coach Joette answers the questions: Am I a toxic friend? 

6-22-16,Coach Mandy answers: What tips do you have to get started as a writer?

6-15-16: Can you still dress trendy even after age 60?

August 2016: How do you build your faith when you’ve been hurt by a church? 

July 2016: How do you balance your schedule during summer vacation? 

May 2016: How do you set goals when you reach retirement?  

May 2016: What tips do you have to help my husband and I get on the same page with our finances?

May 2016:  How does one bounce back when they were fired from a job because of lies told about you?

April 2016: How can I build a relationship with my step-children?

April 2016: What suggestions do you have for books I can read when I don’t have the time to read something big?

April 2016: How do I find time to rest when I’m a busy mom?

March 2016: What are the benefits of journaling and where do I start?

March 2016: I got my divorce papers…now what?

March 2016: Are there times that are better than others to talk with our spouse, or times to avoid?

March 2016: How do I handle criticism better?

January 2015 How to build your confidence after divorce

March 2015: Tips for Thriving in Sickness

August 2015: How to Lead in a Crisis

August 2015: Overcoming an Invisible Disease

August 2015: Parenting tips for raising confident girls

November 2014: Embracing a heart of gratitude