Meet Nate Anderson

Meet Nate Anderson

BBCC Business Manager & Live Events Tech Guru

Nate-Collage1If I were a shoe…

Hiking Boot

My favorite color is…


Favorite thing about my job…

I enjoy making spreadsheets in excel.

Favorite quote or Bible verse…

Matthew 6:9-13. I’m old school.

Favorite book…

Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam

How do you take your coffee?

With sugar.

What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Parachute jump out of a plane.

What is one useless fact no one would realize about you?

How many useless facts I know.

If you could have a super power what would it be?


Who is someone you admire and why?

Abraham Lincoln due to the fact he looked at rivals and people on different sides of the spectrum and what he could learn from them and how they could help him run the USA while he was president.

If you could write a bio about your life…what would you want included?

Everything that is what makes me, me.

Nate Anderson is one of the Men in the Den, and is in charge of editing our podcasts. He also takes on all the tasks that the girls on the big blue couch don’t like doing! He brings many creative ideas to the table with his entrepreneurial passion and mindset. He currently works for Tricorne Audio, Inc. in Bismarck ND.  He is married to Mandy, and is one of the founding members of Big Blue Couch™ Coaching.