Meet Mandy B. Anderson

A Letter from Coach Mandy

Hi! It is so nice to meet you here!

The number one question I am asked by the women I meet in person and online is, “How do you overcome _______.” They fill in the blank with things like fear, sadness, despair, tragedy, health challenges, low self-esteem, financial struggles, sickness, etc. Women get emotionally, physically, and mentally overwhelmed more often than men. We often feel defined or caged by our struggles, and get stuck in the cycle of discouragement. Maybe you have felt the tension of these circumstances in your own life.

I have been on both sides of this fence myself, and learned the beauty of the process of overcoming circumstances that seem hopeless. I was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects your respiratory and digestive system. The odds were against me and my parents were told it would be a miracle if I survived past high school. Over 30 years later, I’m still here.

My husband and I have grown through marriage challenges that could have resulted in divorce, but instead we chose to do the hard work and uphold our vows no matter how hard it would be. Let me tell you – it was harder than we ever dreamed!

As we overcame the destruction from an emotional affair, we also learned how to pay off over $160,000 in debt while rebuilding our lives after an apartment fire left us homeless. Now, on the other side of these circumstances, our marriage is stronger than we ever imagined and my husband is the man I always dreamed he could be. (He often reassures me that I’m the woman he always dreamed of too!)

Through all of these challenges, I hung onto the vision that God had for my life. Because I refused to give up, I now understand the journey of learning how to balance the life of chronic illness with skills that can help you stay healthier in the areas of nutrition, attitude, and exercise. I now understand – all too well – the path it takes to pay off debt that feels impossible to be free of. And I know what it is like to challenge the negative, crippling beliefs that say “you’re not good enough” because I’ve walked the path of working with coaches who spoke life over me, taught me new life skills, and believed in me when I didn’t believe myself.

My desire is to do the same for you! You can be an Overcomer in every situation that you face, and it is my honor to partner with you and help you get there. If you’re ready to get started, I’m ready to help.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Remember…I believe in you!

~Coach Mandy

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Mandy-collage1If I were a shoe…

A black stiletto.

My favorite color is…

Teal (the color of our logo)

Favorite thing about my job…

Every day is different – I get to help people overcome and build the life of their dreams and I also get to be creative with writing and product development.

Favorite quote or Bible verse…

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite book…

Usually whichever book I am reading at the moment. Also, The Hunger Games series, Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick, and Dare Greatly by Brene Brown.

How do you take your coffee?

Black. Or a Grande Caramel Machiatto with coconut milk from Starbucks.

What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

It’s a tie between going after my dreams and skydiving.

What is one useless fact no one would realize about you?

I was Miss Carrington 2000 and Miss State Capital 2001, which means I was in the Miss North Dakota pageant two years in a row.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

To be able to read people’s minds. Or super strength like Captain America.

Who is someone you admire and why?

Steve Jobs. I love his story of how he persevered to build Apple, how he still pursued new dreams when he was let go from Apple, and how he embraced personal growth and was able to eventually come back on board to the company he co-founded and revolutionized how the world interacts with each other.

If you could write a bio about your life…what would you want included?

That even though I was born with cystic fibrosis, it didn’t slow me down and it was only a small part of my story, not the end-all-be-all.


Mandy B. Anderson is the Co-Founder of Big Blue Couch™ Coaching, LLC. Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Mandy has walked the road of an Overcomer her entire life. She is passionate about helping others rise above their circumstances, be brave, and live beautifully whole. She is the author of the books, In Sickness and In Health: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Cystic Fibrosis to Total Health and Unashamed: Embracing Your Authentic Self in a Cookie Cutter World. Mandy lives in North Dakota with her husband, Nate, and their fur-baby, Ajah B.


  • Co-Founder of Big Blue Couch™ Coaching, LLC
  • Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
  • Certified Christian Life Coach through Light University
  • Certified Financial Coach through Light University


  • In Sickness and In Health: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Cystic Fibrosis to Total Health
  • Unashamed: Embracing Your Authentic Self in a Cookie-Cutter World
  • She Who Overcomes: Rising Out of the Ashes of Your Circumstances

PERSONAL BIO: Mandy has been married to the man of her dreams for over a decade. They live in North Dakota, and even though she has been a North Dakota girl her entire life, she only recently discovered a renewed appreciation of this beautiful state. Mandy and her husband, Nate, do not have any kids, but they do have a 10 lb. fur-baby named Ajah B. who is the princess of their castle.

Mandy spends her free time hanging out with her husband, and when he is away at work, she enjoys quality girl time with her best friends. She also enjoys singing on the worship team at her church, reading personal growth books, or catching up on her favorite shows. Her greatest enjoyment in life is to meet new people and have inspiring conversations over a steaming cup of coffee.