The Lie of Never Enough

The Lie of Never Enough

The lie of never enough is stealing the purposes, callings, and passions of women across the world. It has been passed down from the generations. And now it is time to stop this generational curse from spreading any further.

I’ve personally spent years digging into the lies and labels that have kept me stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and negative self-talk. Over the last 18 months I have intentionally asked God for wisdom to be able to uncover the root of my deepest lies and labels. I am no longer okay with the shallow answers, even though they served a great purpose in the past. Last month, January 2018, I finally found the root of my lies and labels. The freedom I’ve been able to step into has been like a breath of fresh air.

This is my story…

From the moment I entered this world the enemy has lied to me. Sickness and loss of time hung over my head with the diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. Ever since I was a small child, in the back of my mind sat a lie that constantly kept track of time and told me to hurry up because I’ll never have enough time to fully live my life.

Oh, but I was an overcomer! I had dreams and everything! My dream as a teenager was to be the next Celine Dion. Singing was my life. I would spend hours and hours practicing and singing along to all of Celine’s songs in my room, giving concerts to invisible audiences. When I tried out for All-State Choir as a freshman, and didn’t make it, another lie latched on: you will never be good enough to be a professional singer. You will always only just barely reach your dreams.

Well, I pushed past that lie and practiced and practiced and went to every singing opportunity I could. Eventually I did make All-State Choir, and then I found myself winning a local pageant that took me to the Miss North Dakota pageant. There I won the over-all talent award, but I didn’t make the Top 10. The lie of never enough grew and it began to chip away at my confidence of going after my dreams.

When I got married, I discovered another lie…

There will never be enough money because you have CF and you are expensive. This lie was sneaky because it was buried under insecurities that made me try to look successful by buying things. I avoided any sadness, loneliness, or fears by stuffing them deep down and instead, I went shopping. You know that movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic? It could have been based on that season of my life!

When I finally faced the reality of my spending habits, and those of my husband, I began to take responsibility for my poor choices with money. I faced it head on and together my husband and I started paying off six-figures worth of debt. We began to learn some wisdom where money was concerned. Finally, we were making progress and it felt so hopeful!

It was during this time that the unthinkable happened.

We lost our home to an apartment fire. Everything we owned was now gone and we had to start over from scratch. That’s when another lie danced into my mind: you’ll never have more than enough. You will always struggle.

My name is Mandy B. Anderson and the biggest lie and label that I have struggled with is this: never enough.

This lie of never enough cuts to my core and threatens my feeling of security on every level possible because it attacks both me as a person and the possibility of ever rising above to step into the life that I have been designed for. It toys with my emotions and plays off my deepest fears.

You see, not being able to breathe is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt. The Liar would love for me to constantly live in the fear of never having enough money to pay for the medicine needed to breathe. He knows that living in that fear will mess me up and cause me to never get anywhere in life. He knows that living in the zone of ‘just barely’ will steal my hope and make me succumb to a life of mediocrity!

So…he does his best to repeat the lies in the back of mind so it becomes impossible to rise above. Every time I start to gain some momentum, the lies slither back in and snarl through my mind…

  • You’ll never have enough time to fully live the life you dream of.
  • You’ll only always have ‘just barely.’
  • You will struggle forever.
  • You’ll never be fully healed of this sickness inside your body.
  • You’ll always be expensive.
  • You’ll never be good enough to reach your dreams.

But now I know better. So now I can choose better.

These are all just lies. Lies and Labels meant to keep me, and anyone else who struggles with them, in constant fear, confusion, and lack. The voice that speaks them is a master impressionist, fooling me into thinking that his voice is my own!

NEWS FLASH: The voice of the Liar is NOT my own. It is the voice of the enemy. And today I choose to draw a line in the sand. Today I choose to put up a brick wall boundary that says “Enemy, No Go! This is God’s territory, not yours! You no longer have any power over me! So, go back to hell where you belong!”

Now that I’ve tracked down the lie, I can attack it with TRUTH. The TRUTH is…

  • I am free.
  • My debt has been paid.
  • Long life is before me because my health has been restored!
  • I passionately pursue the Lord and I lack nothing!
  • My God – the God of Heaven – He provides for me. He makes me prosper! He has healed me! He has restored my health! He says that I AM ENOUGH! He says that because I love Him, prosperity pursues me! I don’t have to pursue prosperity or abundance or wealth. Those things pursue me when I passionately pursue God! He says that I will live a long life and get to enjoy the wealth that He is giving me wisdom to cultivate!
  • I love God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I have more than enough and I lack nothing!

(see Proverbs 13:21-25, Philippians 4:19, Nehemiah 2:20, Psalm 34:10)

Ladies – the lie of never enough is stealing the purposes, callings, and passions of women across the world.

It is time to stop this generational curse from spreading any further! Shining a light on this lie will make it possible for us to dig it out; speaking truth will kill it off completely. We do not have to live with the lie of never enough anymore! We can choose to release the hold this lie has had on us. When the enemy tries to whisper this lie again in the future, we can choose to say “Enemy! No Go!” and stab him with the sword of TRUTH.

My name is Mandy B. Anderson and the truth about me is this: I am enough because God says so; I have enough because God is my provider.

Period. End of story.

Have you struggled with the lie of not enough, too?

If so, I encourage you to write down the TRUTH and speak it over yourself often. Listen to this podcast episode for 30 days in a row to build your hope back up. Speak the truth out loud and break the bondage of agreement to this lie that the enemy has tricked you into speaking and thinking over yourself! And, if you really struggle with this, I challenge you to put your faith into action and join me at Beautiful Wholeness in just two weeks on February 17th. Coach Raychel and I will be helping women eradicate the lies and labels that have held them down for far too long. We would be honored to help you do the same! You can register for your spot and get all the details at this link:

You don’t have to believe the lie of never enough any longer. Get your hopes up and march forward in truth!

Much love,




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