What I Learned from the UNRUSHED Experience

What I Learned from the UNRUSHED Experience

By: Raychel Chumley

As I watched Champions and newbies enter the front door of Big Blue Couch Coaching headquarter for the first live session of the UNRUSHED coaching group, all I could think was “Thank you God for a community like this.”

Our champions greeted each other like old friends (many of them having become friends because of groups just like this!) and introduced themselves to the newbies instantly creating a welcoming atmosphere and putting even the most nervous women at ease. Soon we were connecting with our online gals and the whole room was chatting like old friends.

The truth is, when that first UNRUSHED session started on that summer evening of June 14th 2017, I was only 9 days out from making the biggest most gut-wrenching decision of my life. I’ve said more than once I was so grateful I was there to assist Mandy every week… but I was even more grateful that it wasn’t on my shoulders to teach that program.

UNRUSHED came at a time in my life when I needed it the most. Truly.

I was so raw, emotional, vulnerable, and broken on that first night; and as I listened to Mandy teach and the women share so bravely and authentically I just sat silently in the corner and cried. Her words filling me with hope and encouragement. I talked to God that night and wrote down things during the journal time I hadn’t wanted to deal with in decades.

Mandy would smile and wink at me every so often. She was the only woman in the room that knew exactly why I was crying and what made me unable to share more of what I was walking through. UNRUSHED was exactly where I needed to be that night. Over the next 6 weeks we spent together my life slowly became a smoldering pile of ashes and a hopeful new beginning simultaneously.

It has been the most difficult summers of my entire life.

And, I promise that over the next few weeks and months I will slowly start sharing publically what has been going on this summer; and, really this last 12 month. I’m sorry to have to remain private about so many things but I know you will understand the need for secrecy in due time. Thank you to any of you who have reached out to say you’re praying for me even though you’re not even sure exactly what you are praying for. It means the world to me.

But, I know that I know, deep down in my “knower” (like one of our champions Patty says) that being a part of UNRUSHED is a huge part of how I survived, and was the jumping off point to the healing that has taken place since. It was a safe place for me to grieve, to cry, to laugh, to be angry, to question, to be vulnerable, and to fall apart… and to take my first steps towards freedom and peace.

You see, it’s a beautiful thing when women enter into fellowship with one another. When they can laugh, learn, and cry together, time stops for a moment and everything just seems a little easier to deal with. And I was honored once again to be a part of a group like that.

If you are like me and you are craving a safe place to deal with your life, and a community of women that is authentic and vulnerable and can handle real life problems, I invite you to join Mandy and I for this final session of UNRUSHED starting October 10th, 2017. We can’t wait to meet you.

~Coach Raychel