Labeled a Failure

Labeled a Failure

By, Madison Moericke

We recently celebrated my daughters fifth birthday by taking her and her cousins to the movie, Moana.  I am not one who usually goes crazy for animated films. But, I felt like this movie was so timely for me and where this year has brought me. I think I wept from the beginning to end.

As I watched the story unfold of a young chieftains daughter try and balance the call of her life to lead her people and also the call of the sea. I wept at what a beautiful creation story Disney had shared with us.

This year has been a hard year for me physically and mentally. I know I’m called to be a writer, and with my illness making it almost impossible to use my hands as I needed, I’ve been struggling with who I am, if I am not writing.  I had labeled myself a failure at the few goals I had set for myself this year, and ultimately I lost hope in ever being able to finish these books I had been working so hard on.

What God spoke to me as I watched this protagonist face her biggest demons, was that it was all part of a bigger journey. That this year was not about completing my goals, or even finishing writing my stories. But instead it was about finding out what was calling me, what was driving me. It was about realizing what parts of myself I’m not willing to lose.

While I may go through seasons of being unable to write because of my health, who I am is not defined by the obstacles in my way to reach my goals. Who I am is defined by the grit it takes to keep going. Who I am is defined by how many times I choose to keep fighting-not by how long I might have to fight to get there.

If you are like me and have been  finding yourself surrounded by labels of failure with what 2016 has brought you, please consider joining us in February for the Beautiful Wholeness event. It’s a one day event for women of all ages, where we  take those lies and labels and restore our hearts with truth, and find the motivation we need to find out what is calling us, what makes our hearts happy, and who God says we are.

It’s funny how God chooses to speak to me through stories. I hear him loudest in the quiet of the pages of the books I’m reading and the movies I’m watching. So even though I’ve had to put aside writing, ideas are still flowing. Creating stories and loving stories is still very much alive in me. If I can take one thing from 2016, it’s knowing that even after everything that has happened, my story is still just as special and unique to God as all the other beautiful stories he has written and that will be written.

I’m praying you have a Merry Christmas as we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus. And can’t wait to see you this February!

~Miss Maddie


Madison Moericke (Miss Maddie) is a Writer, Blogger, and Travel Nurse. She currently holds the honorable title of “Keeper of the Couch”. Miss Maddie is Mandy & Raychel’s BFF and she loves coffee, Taylor Swift, and calls herself a true Hufflepuff. She lives in Bismarck with her husband and daughter. 


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  1. Sue

    Love ❤️ this Maddy. -who I am is defined as how many times I chose to keep fighting. Let’s keep fighting lies with Truth!

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