Keeping My Promises

Closeup of flip flops on green grassKeeping My Promises

By, Raychel Chumley

A few weeks ago, I was looking out our patio door over our back yard and I started to get a little emotional. If you were standing beside me you would see a large yard without a porch, without a fence, and without any trees or rocks or flowers. But, what you will see is a beautiful large hill covered with baby grass sprouts. It probably doesn’t look like much to you. It is certainly not in the running for a Better Homes and Gardens cover. But to me that new grass is a promised fulfilled.

If I’m being honest all too often I’m more of a promise breaker. I might be a life and marriage coach but let me tell you, I can pull out sprouts and sabotage my growth with the best of them. It’s an ugly part of my heart God has been patiently refining; and, this grass is proof that I’m learning how to keep promises and let my roots grow.

We built our house a few years ago. When we did, we asked God to make our home a haven for hurting hearts and hurting people. Even though I knew God had called us to build THIS house in THIS location I found myself really unhappy. I was sure the house was too small for our growing family and I wouldn’t be able to use this gift of hospitality like I wanted to. In fact, I was so unhappy that I insisted we put our home up for sale last summer.

If I’m unhappy I try to change my environment first. It’s a horrible pattern. Maybe you can relate? When I was growing up my parents moved 21 times in the 19 years they were married. I was raised to move on. Don’t get to comfortable. Don’t put down roots. If you are not happy change your environment. It was a pattern I found myself repeating with my own family every few years.

Instead of letting our house sell and dropping a huge mansion in our lap where our children would have their own rooms and our guests could be entertained easily, God taught me a lesson. He let me experience what it felt like to change my heart first-and not my environment. He was gracious and saved us from financial ruin when 6 months later our finances changed drastically and he started softening my heart towards the home I have grown to love.

This new baby grass is a sign of a promise fulfilled. God works in mysterious ways and while growing grass probably isn’t a miracle, making my heart content and happy in a dream that didn’t go the way I planned, is.

Beginnings should be celebrated. Promises fulfilled should be remembered. And, I am going to celebrate every step as I watch this yard go from tiny grass seeds to beautiful sanctuary.

So grow little grass… I’ve got big plans for you.

~Coach Raychel

P.S I even learned how to use the lawn mower!