Joy and Sadness Run a Company

“Do you think she woke up one morning and said “I think I’ll go to law school today”? Professor Callahan Legally Blonde

Over a bottle of wine, lots of tears, and an overwhelming urge to prove our worth, Mandy (aka Joy) and I (aka Sadness) decided to start a company. 

That momentary lapse in judgement aside, we are actually doing it! And if you were a fly on the wall, or one of our suite mates on the opposite side of our very thin walls, this is what a typical week looks and sounds like. 

  1. We Fan-girl over our current fandoms. I am enjoying Vampire Diaries and Joy is immersed in the Shadow Hunters world.
  2. We interpret dreams for deep spiritual meanings. I mean if your bestie can’t tell you what your dream might mean…who can? 😉
  3. We tear apart binders, put together binders, and make lots of paper piles. 
  4. We explore different ways to not have to deal with the growing pile of things that needs to be organized and filed. 
  5. We discuss the caste system in India.
  6. We make snarky comments to deal with a plethora of feels. 
  7. We pray away the nasty Jezebel spirit that sometimes hangs around our office. (What? You’ve never done that?? Normal Tuesday for us 😉 )
  8. We laugh a lot.
  9. We talk about periods, gas, and the joys that come from being women. 
  10. We cry…at least once or twice. 
  11. We talk about the “trials” of being local TV celebrities (Well. we practically are 😉 )
  12. We cough until we gag.
  13. We finish our to-do lists (Aka move it to a different day. All Done!)
  14. We have spiritual revelations in the bathroom. This happens a lot. There is something holy about the bathroom at our office. Not kidding! 
  15. We make lots of coffee and eat lots of food. We also discuss how loud Joy’s chewing is and whether or not I will someday snap and throat punch her for it. 
  16. We look for the best lighting, and how to fit two people in one shot, for our live Facebook videos and coaching videos. Seriously. You would be surprised how much time this takes. 
  17. We spend at least 15 minutes laughing, coughing, and re-starting the recording of each and every podcast.  
  18. We want to quit and get real jobs 😉
  19. We reminisce over old memories and inside jokes. 
  20. We go to meetings. 
  21. We take long drives with coffee because we discovered a long time ago it’s the best place to brainstorm!
  22. We come up with excuses to not go to the gym because sometimes two heads are better than one. 

And in the midst of ALL of that we somehow manage to run a company and coach women to overcome, be brave, and live beautifully whole… at least that’s what I think we are doing 😉 

~Raychel “Sadness” Chumley 

he, he, he…this is a throwback of what we looked like doing our FIRST coaching program!







Raychel Chumley is a Life Coach, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder and President of Big Blue Couch™ Coaching, LLC. After finding healing and purpose from a troubled marriage, toxic friendships, and postpartum OCD, Raychel is on a mission to break bondage and speak truth over other women. She is the author of the book and coaching audios, Celebrate Your Man and the upcoming Bible Study, Unbroken. Raychel lives in North Dakota with her husband, Brandon, and their three children.