It’s Worth It

By, Lance Moericke

In Bismarck, North Dakota we are very fortunate to have a lot of outdoor activities to participate in. One of the activities I really enjoy is spending the day at Kimball Bottoms. If you haven’t been there yet, and you live in the area, it’s an amazing beach area off of the Missouri river. The water is cool and refreshing, the sand is soft on your feet, and it’s a wonderful place to soak in God’s creation.

One evening my wife Madison and I packed up the car with snacks and lawn chairs and we headed down there to enjoy some swimming with our four-year-old daughter, Mason. It’s about a 20-minute drive from our house and she started to get a little impatient. “Why does it take so long to get there” she blurted out. Without hesitating my wife and I both replied at the same time “Because it’s worth it.” We both looked at each other and laughed and I started reflecting about our past.

I started to think about the times my wife was in nursing school, I was also going to school and working a part-time job, and we had a very active two-year-old. Our stress levels were at all-time highs. I remember thinking at the time, is any of this worth it? Will any of our hard work pay off? Then a year into my education the program I was in got cut and I had no idea what I was going to do next. That season of my life just got even harder.

It’s those moments I look back on that I can see my faith and perseverance started to grow. I started an internship at the church I was attending, which required a lot of faith and really took me out of my comfort zone. I had to juggle that with my job, while still being supportive of both Madison and Mason, which required perseverance. The experiences and the lessons I learned have proved to be invaluable. And that’s what I believe made it worth it.

If I never experienced the wait, I never would have found the worth.

I don’t want lie to you, sometimes I felt like giving up. Other times I felt like Willy and I were skipping through the chocolate factory on our way to crazy town. And you know what, it’s ok to acknowledge that life is really hard and you want to give up. Maybe you’ve been waiting a long time to get this season to be over with and you’ve had enough. But dig deep and don’t quit. Maybe spend the whole evening with your kids without technology, if you don’t have kids how about something spontaneous with your spouse? Change up the ordinary routine and make it extraordinary. Because the change of season might be right around the corner and it will be worth it.


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Lance Moericke is one of the Men in the Den here at Big Blue Couch™ Coaching, LLC. He hosts our weekly podcast show, Courageous Nation™, writes for our blog, and he is married to Miss Maddie.