It’s What You Do With It

Have you ever been given a deadline that you didn’t think you could meet?

I have. In 2014 I was given three months to finish a twelve chapter book by a publishing company that was interested in possibly publishing my book. Three months. And all I had completed was the introduction and two chapters.

But we’re not going to talk about me today. Nope. We are going to talk…about Raychel.

You see, back towards the end of May, I gave her a deadline of completing her first 30-Day Bible Study in six weeks. She looked both horrified and challenged at the thought of it. At first she did what Raychel does – she gave all the reasons and excuses as to why she could NOT possibly meet this challenge. And then she did the other thing that Raychel does – she gave it some thought and decided to rise up and prove that indeed, she could.

As I type this, it’s a Monday morning. I’ve been in the office – alone with Ajah B. at my feet – for two hours already. Raychel will be rounding the corner any minute now and our office time together will begin. Which means I’ve got to pull myself together and stop crying! Six weeks has come and gone since I challenged her with that deadline and she not only met that goal – she rose up and poured everything she could into it. And I’m tearing up because I just read the words she’s written on one of the last days of the UNBROKEN study. Her words are beautiful. Her words are raw. Her words give me hope. Her words matter.

God has made it clear to us that 2016 is a year for our team to become unified. So, as we diligently help our clients, we’ve also been going through the growing pains of helping our team heal from past hurts and rise up to be all that God has designed them to be – hurts and all. I sometimes – who am I kidding…I OFTEN wonder how much of an impact I have on the lives of those around me. Like, if I wasn’t here, would it even matter? If I didn’t show up and give my best effort in this life, would it even matter to those around me?

I’m learning that the answer is YES.

Iron sharpens iron. And when you make the choice to be your best every day, it impacts those around you. It sharpens those around you, and it sharpens you in the process.

What would have happened if I hadn’t challenged Raychel to write her first Bible Study in such a tight timeline? Past experience would say that she would’ve procrastinated and tried to rewrite the Celebrate Your Man program again! LOL! For real though…what would have happened if someone didn’t care about her talent and ability enough to challenge her to rise up and let it out? And the bigger question is this: what would have happened if she would have gave in to her excuses and her reasons about why she COULDN’T meet this challenge?

Those questions send chills down my spine. We all have reasons and excuses as to why we CAN’T do something in our lives. The thing is,

it’s not the excuse that really matters – it’s what we DO with that excuse that makes or breaks us.

Do we let the excuse linger in the air, choking out our desires and dreams and all that God has for us? Or do we stare the excuse in the face and beat it down with everything we’ve got, proving that we are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for?

Your excuse might be that a deadline is too tight and there’s no way you can meet it in time. If so, I challenge you to stare that excuse in the face and look for ways in which you CAN meet it.

Your excuse might be that you don’t have enough time to listen to podcasts in the morning – podcasts that could set your thoughts on the right path and make your day better, therefore making your quality of life better. If so, I challenge you to stare that excuse in the face and look for ways in which you CAN meet it.

Your excuse might be that you don’t like to journal or read books – which has become a proven way to grow and have a more meaningful life. If so, I challenge you to stare that excuse in the face and look for ways in which you CAN meet it.

Your excuse might be that you have a disease and don’t have the energy to do the things you’d like to do. If so, I challenge you to start that excuse in the face and look for ways in which you CAN meet it.

It doesn’t matter what your excuse is. What matters is what you DO with it. We all have 24 hours in a day – what are you doing with the time you’ve been given? Don’t be the person that sacrifices your life for comfort and excuses. You were designed for something better than that and you CAN do more than you give yourself credit for!

Much love,

~Coach Mandy



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Mandy B. Anderson is the Co-Founder of Big Blue Couch™ Coaching, LLC. Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Mandy has walked the road of an Overcomer her entire life. She is passionate about helping others rise above their circumstances, be brave, and live beautifully whole. She is the author of the books, In Sickness and In Health: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Cystic Fibrosis to Total Health , Unashamed: Embracing Your Authentic Self in a Cookie Cutter World, and She Who Overcomes. Mandy lives in North Dakota with her husband, Nate, and their fur-baby, Ajah B.