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How To Speak Words Of Life


The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show
Episode 31

Over the last several weeks we have had many clients and friends on social media ask about how to speak words of life. So our focus today is going to be on giving you the skills to start doing this very important habit! What exactly are “Words of Life?” Listen in and get ready for a jam packed episode!!!


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First things first: What are Words of Life? In Proverbs 18:21, the Message version, we are told that “Words kill or words give life. They are either poison or fruit – you choose!” Translation – our words matter! They either build people UP or tear them down.

We give many tips in our Feed Your Mind with Truth 7 Day Coaching Program on our website on how to begin speaking words of life over yourself. So today we are going to give you tips on speaking words of life in 3 areas of your life:

  • In your marriage
  • Over your circumstances
  • With your boss and coworkers.

Words of Life In Your Marriage:

One of the pitfalls we face in marriage is speaking badly about our spouse. Many times we complain and nag by speaking words that poison the relationship instead of edify it. We are usually very aware of how we speak badly about our husbands, so let’s give you an example of how us Girls speak words of LIFE over our own husbands…

Something Mandy texted her husband recently was “I just gotta tell you…I’m so honored to be your wife. You are not a failure nor have you ever been. You are the man that God knew I needed to reach the calling He has placed on my life and I’m so thankful for that. You are a wonderful provider of many things – finances, happiness, faith, love. And I just want you to know this! I love you!”

Other ways she encourages her man is by writing him encouraging love notes that he takes with him to work and can pull out when he needs to be reminded of how much she loves him and how amazing he is.

Words of Life Over Your Circumstances:

A big circumstance pitfall we run into is thinking that because we’ve had a bad week, maybe in our marriage, that it means the marriage itself is bad. Or, for instance, if we are a writer and we’ve had a lapse in creativity, we can begin to think that we are a sucky writer and aren’t cut out for the calling. Those are words of DEATH!!!

We must CHOOSE and LEARN to speak LIFE over our circumstances. So…

If we’ve had a bad week in our marriage, words of life would be “I am determined to make the week better in my marriage starting NOW. I am committed to my husband and I know that he is committed to me. Our marriage is blessed and strong because we choose to make it that way!”

Words of life over our circumstance with our talent might be “I am a gifted writer and I choose to give myself grace for the week that I’ve had. I am fully equipped to accomplish the calling God has placed on my life and if I need to gain more skill in an area, I am willing and fully capable to do so.”

Words of Life At Work:

Another pit fall we can run into is the pitfall of GOSSIP at work. We say bad things about other people and focus on what they are doing wrong instead of choosing to edify and build up what they are doing right. So some words of life we can speak over our boss or coworker include:

  • Thanking them for something they do well.
  • Making a point to wish them a great day and mean it!
  • Ask for their help with something that they are better at than you and let them know that you appreciate their skill.

i.e. “Thank you for always answering the phone quickly and positively,” or “You’re really great at getting things accomplished quickly. I really appreciate that about you!”

It will seem a bit odd to people, and maybe even to you, when you first begin this habit of speaking words of life. But just remember – NO BODY likes a complaining Debbie downer! Everyone steers clear of them. People TRUST someone who encourages and edifies others with their words. Be that sort of person ON PURPOSE!