How To Run Your Household When You Have Chaotic Schedules Podcast

How To Run Your Household When You Have Chaotic Schedules

The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show
Episode 33

Today, the girls share their TOP SECRETS for running a household when you have chaotic schedules  – without losing your mind! Listen in and grab these life changing tips!

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It’s no secret that we both live in households with chaotic schedules! Our husbands both work in an industry that keeps them away from home for half the year while they live in man camps and on drilling locations. It takes some serious commitment, grace, and skill to run a household with chaotic schedules…let alone a business!

However, we’ve discovered some secrets along the way to help us better run our households without losing our minds!

Tips for running a Household with Chaotic Schedules:

1. Grace and Rest

  • Rest days!
  • No appointments for 24 hours
  • Change Over Notes

 2. Embrace technology and Creative ways to Stay Connected

  • Skype for bedtimes
  • Monkey- Raychel
  • Encouraging text messages throughout the day

 3. Get over it

  • Somethings won’t be fair! Life is not going to be 50/50 when one spouse is gone from the home
  • Don’t hold grudges
  • Don’t allow discontentment
  • TALK, TALK, TALK to each other- don’t let things fester!
  • Use Words of Life instead of death