How to Get Rid of Discontentment

Stressed Businesswoman Working At Computer In Modern OfficeHow to Get Rid of Discontentment
By: Madison Moericke
After graduating from nursing school last year I landed my dream job. I am blessed beyond belief to work with a group of people I couldn’t be more proud to work alongside.

They are strong, smart, efficient, and hilarious! l literally love going to work. I know that at least once during the work day I will be belly laughing, even if it is at my own expense. But, recently my attitude toward my job has shifted and I noticed discontentment sneaking in.

Last month, I went on vacation for a week with my husband to visit family in Colorado. It was a week without responsibly, no work, no volunteering at church, no children, no bills, nothing. No commitments! I knew that it was a gift for us, because we had not been on vacation since we were an engaged couple. However something happened between leaving work and returning to work the following week. I grew to love the idea of the care free life so much, that going back to work started to sound like a nightmare. And it didn’t matter that my co-workers were great, or that I loved working with patients, or that this was obviously a part of the calling on my life. No.

So there I was dreading my dream.

I mentioned my discontentment and my unhappiness about my job to one of my co-workers, who‘s friendship I truly treasure. When she asked me if I liked this job, I told her, “I hate it.” I didn’t expect that answer, and I regretted it the moment I said it. I went to the rest room and took a moment to reflect on my MONDAY morning attitude. Why was I so discontent and unhappy? I quickly realized that it wasn’t the job I hated…it was just a bad day.

• I hated that when I got out to my car that morning, it was on empty.
• I hated that I knew I wouldn’t see my daughter that day because I would be at work, then I had other commitments I would need to go to that evening.
• I hated that I forgot to pay my credit card bill on time, so I would have to call and see if they could so kindly remove that late fee.
• I hated that I had said out loud that I hated my job.

So I did the only thing I knew I could do in this kind of moment…I asked God to help me. I asked him to help me get over my bad attitude. I asked him to help me express to my co-worker how I was really feeling, what a horrible morning I had already had, and that I didn’t actually hate this job. I asked him to help me empty out the espresso machine, so that I could function appropriately. Seriously, I had to pray for the espresso machine, because lord knows it was Monday, and I needed some coffee. STAT!

The truth is we all have days when we let doubt and discontentment creep into our lives, and we let negative thoughts and attitudes into our hearts. And on these days if we don’t ask God to help us through, the things we once liked, the people we have once loved, the investments we have made, the businesses we believe in, and the choices we have made, start to look like burdens instead of blessings.

We all go through seasons where we become discontent, unhappy, and just ready to quit. You might question your choices, you might want more, and you might want to move on….don’t! Here is the truth. Discontent comes, as the enemy’s way to kill, steal and destroy the JOY that God has in store for you. Just remember…The single most important way to get rid of discontentment is to focus on what you have and not what you don’t have.

When I look back on the Monday morning it wasn’t the job that I hated (What I had) it was all the things that went wrong that morning (What I didn’t have). When you are feeling discontent like I was that day, ask God to help you out of your negative thought process and grow into a spirit of joy and a season of thanksgiving.
~ Miss Maddie