How To Become A Motivational Speaker & Life Coach Podcast

How To Become A Motivational Speaker & Life Coach 

Welcome to the Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 7

The focus of life coaching is to help people reach their personal goals & dreams. We get asked all the time, “I want to do what you do – speaking, life coaching, helping others, etc. How did you get there?” In today’s podcast episode, we share our stories of how we turned a passion into a business and life message, as well as some of our top resources for continual growth in the area of speaking and life coaching.

Key Takeaway – You have to know your own story, and be comfortable being authentic with it, before you can share it effectively.



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  1. Tammy Kraus

    HI!!! I am so inspired to become a stronger, healthier, self-minded, whole hearted woman!
    I love to inspire based off life experiences! I thrive to help others, it makes me happy and keeps me in check with my purpose in life!
    Looking to become a motivational leader, and speaker!
    Much love,

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