How to Be Brave

How to Be Brave                    

3 Characteristics of Brave Women

By Raychel Chumley

     When you think of a brave woman you often think of names like Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Barbara Walters, etc. These women were courageous and endured through incredible obstacles to change history. But, how often does your own face flash through your mind when you think of a brave woman? Probably not very often. But, it should! Brave women, like the women who have changed, or are changing history, have similar characteristics that any woman can learn or develop in her own life.

Characteristic #1- She has Integrity. In its simplest terms integrity is doing what is right when no one is looking. Or, standing up for what is right when no one else is. Women who are brave are women of integrity. Integrity means you stick to your values and don’t cave to peer pressure. A brave woman is NOT the one who lets her child in every activity because everyone else is…she doesn’t let guilt determine her decisions.

     Speak up for the things you believe in! Women of integrity get involved in causes they are passionate about because they KNOW one person really can make a difference. Be the one who tells the truth. A brave woman is a woman of integrity!

Characteristic #2- She has endurance. Many women just give up just because the hard seasons they are walking through last longer than they expected. Most difficult seasons WILL last longer than you can expect or can prepare for. That’s why brave women are women of endurance! They don’t give in just because it’s hard. They stay the course until the goal is met.

      One of the BEST ways to have endurance is to find JOY in your life…right now. Joy means being content (and even happy!) despite your circumstances. I promise you there is always something that can bring a smile to your face and joy to your life if you look for it! Joy will help you  combat the anger and bitterness that can rise up when you find yourself in painful circumstances.

     Endurance is a skill, and it takes some time to develop, but it is one that will serve you well if you want to be a brave woman! 

Characteristic #3- She is Kind. Brave women are kind women. Women who change history are seldom cruel. Courage, integrity, endurance are what we remember iconic women for. Brave women are usually the ones that epitomize President Teddy Roosevelt’s saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Brave women are always treating people better than are being treated themselves.  

     Hard times can wear you down and cause lots of frustration. Deep emotions and exhaustion will make your communication skills and your actions meaner than you intend. But you can learn how to be kind you can say hard things without being cruel or shutting down communication. Brave women are kind…even when they are not being treated the same way.   

     Rosa Parks, Barbara Walters, and Amelia Earhart are thought of as brave women of the 20th and 21st centuries. They had integrity and stood up for what was right and fair when no one else was. They believed in themselves and their dreams when no one else did and endured until they were realized. They were kind and effective.

     Brave women aren’t born…they are developed. You already have integrity, endurance, and kindness inside of you. Harness your potential and grab your courage because it’s your turn to change the future! The future of your life, the future of your marriage, the future of your children, the future of your family, and the future of entire communities and nations.  It’s YOUR turn! What will your legacy say? 

~Coach Raychel