How Happy Couples Communicate Podcast

How Happy Couples Communicate

Welcome to The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 13 today we are talking about how happy couples communicate! 

Let’s talk about marriage. Specifically how happy couples communicate differently. We want to give you some quick ways to start communicating in healthy and affective ways by talking about the differences between happy couples and unhappy couples.

Difference #1- Happy Couples Talk to Each Other More.

Happy couples talk more to each other than unhappy couples. Communication is a priority for happy couples.

Difference #2- Happy Couples Talk About Their Feelings Easier and Respect the Feelings of their Partner.

There are more “I” statements than “You” statements and mutual respect of each other’s feelings.

Difference #3- Happy Couples Have a Wider Range of Topic they Talk About

Happy couples will talk about more than the children, the bills, or work. They will share goals, dreams, and plans for the future. They often share hobbies and other common interests so they have more things to talk about than unhappy couples. 

In a nutshell: Happy couples communicate different than unhappy couples. Your action step for today is to listen to this podcast again and write down some ideas for how to improve the communication in your marriage. It could be finding a hobby together so you have more things to talk about or using “I” statements instead of “We” statements. In the comment section below this podcast please tell us what communication changes are you going to make in YOUR marriage?

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