How Can The Hopeless Become Hopeful?

 How Can The Hopeless Become Hopeful?
By: Mandy B. Anderson
“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.” ~The Hunger Games
Sometimes you will feel lost. And it’s okay, you’re not alone. I’ve felt lost too. It takes a strong person to admit when you’re lost, so in the midst of the uncertainty, remember to celebrate the strength that you do have. You are stronger than you realize.
Sometimes you will feel sad. And it’s okay, you’re not alone. I’ve felt sad too; deep sadness that overwhelmed me. But the sadness served a purpose and colored my world with purpose. It will do the same for you one day too. Give yourself permission to feel the sadness, and vow to rise above it when the time comes. You will know when that time is when it arrives. There’s a purpose for your sadness, and you will smile again.

Sometimes you will feel hopeless. And it’s okay, you’re not alone. I’ve felt hopeless too. Except, it really wasn’t hopelessness; it was still just deep sadness. The very definition of “hopeless” means that you are beyond optimism, and not even able to learn or act.

Guess what? This definition proves that you are not hopeless. Why? Because you actually CAN learn something new. You actually CAN take action. And that’s exciting because it proves that there still IS hope!

I don’t know what has happened in your life, but I do know this: At some point the clouds will part and that’s the very moment when the hopeless have the opportunity to become the hopeful. So don’t give up hope. You have more of it inside of you than you realize.

How can the hopeless become the hopeful? By holding on to the hope that you do have – no matter how small – and letting it fuel you. Believe the truth of this statement: You were made for something more than this season of darkness that you’ve been dwelling in!

Be the one who chooses to rise up with HOPE when everyone else gets buried in hopelessness. Be the one that shines for others.

You are not alone, but you’re also filled with more hope than you realize. Let it shine, dear friend. Your time is now.

Much love,

~Coach Mandy