Preparing for Growth and Success in 2018

Growth and Success in 2018

Preparing for Growth and Success in 2018

By: Mandy B. Anderson

Are you prepared for growth and success in 2018? Most people would answer this with a booming “YES!” thinking that, of course, they are prepared to welcome in new levels of growth. If we look a bit closer though, the truth is usually the opposite.

As the year winds down, most people get into “Holiday Mode” and completely ignore the importance of digging ditches in preparation for the coming year. I used to do this. I used to shut down, activate auto-pilot, and coast through the months of November, December, and sometimes January. Then I would wonder why my business and dreams were at a standstill come March.

This was my mistake. I’m sharing my story, so you can learn from it and bypass some of the hard lessons that we’ve had to learn while building our dreams here at Big Blue Couch.

One day I found myself reading a book by Steven Furtick called Greater. This book talked about how we need to “dig ditches” to prepare for the rain that God wants to send. I read the book toward the end of 2012 and went to work digging ditches for the growth and success that I was dreaming of. To my complete surprise, it worked! I ended up booking three sets of L.E.A.N. health classes within the first seven months of that year, and it was all because I took the time to dig the ditches.

This is one of the most important lessons on the path to building your dreams. So for the rest of our time together today, I want to share with you some ways that you can prepare for growth and success as you end 2017 and begin 2018…

Dig a Ditch for Your Schedule.

One of the main reasons that we don’t step into the growth and success that we are dreaming of is because our schedules are all over the place. This is especially true if we happen to own a business. The reason our schedules are out-of-hand can be summed up in four words: our time management sucks.

Think about it – how often have you found yourself ready to write, or come up with something for your business, and then all of a sudden you find out that a friend wants to have coffee at the exact time you had planned to write? Because you are in charge of your schedule, you choose to go have fun with your friend or “network” with another business acquaintance because you can “fit in writing” at another time.

Has this ever happened to you?

Letting other people or things that seem more “fun” dictate your schedule will only create self-guilt, a pile-up of work, and a poverty mindset because you’re constantly playing “catch-up” when you could have been ahead of the game and ready. A Beautifully Whole™ woman never does this. She guards her time. She digs a ditch for her schedule by delegating her time BEFORE the rain comes. She anticipates the demands of her dreams and schedules her time appropriately – then she guards it like her life depends on it.

Friend, right now is the time to dig a ditch for YOUR schedule for December 2017 through November 2018. Block off your schedule for December-May, block off a lighter schedule for June-November that you will assess and realign in March, and then diligently guard those working hours. You’ll thank me for this in six months. *wink*

Dig a Ditch for Personal Growth.

Another reason we fail to receive the growth and success that God wants to give us is because we don’t leave any space for personal growth. Nobody drifts into personal growth. No one ever grows to their potential without activating a teachable spirit along the way. Your level of personal growth WILL dictate whether or not you grow and succeed.

So what can you do?

You can start yourself on a personal growth path and spend 10-15 minutes every day on you. An easy way to do this is with guided journals. Get three to five of them at once and schedule in time every day to answer one question in your journal. Once a journal is finished, move on to the next one. Our guided journal series is the perfect place to start; John Maxwell has some wonderful 90-day journal sets that you could use as well. This method of personal growth will help you slowly and steadily gain ground time after time.

“But what if I want fast growth?” you say. 

I’m so glad you asked! Fast growth requires something a bit more intensive and that is this: one-on-one and/or group coaching.

It’s true! The times I took a leap of faith to join coaching experiences (that I wasn’t sure I’d have time for) were those that I experienced the fastest and deepest growth! Iron sharpens iron, and it is amazing what happens when you work with a coach who can share wisdom, insight, and action steps to take you further than you could take yourself. I took the leap of faith and then I scheduled the coaching time accordingly, so it fit into my everyday routine. It really is that simple!

Our UNWAVERING Business Coaching Experience for Women is the perfect way to “Dig a Ditch for Personal Growth.”

It’s the best of both worlds (one-on-one coaching AND group coaching) and will help you stay focused on digging ditches and receiving the rain when it comes. Coach Raychel and I are super excited to see the growth and success that awaits our “UNWAVERING 20” women in 2018!

The rain is coming, and now is the time to dig those ditches!

Wherever you choose to start digging, remember this: You can do it. For real! You can dig those ditches and be prepared to receive all the growth and success that God has in store for you in the coming year.

Be forewarned though – the time is NOW. Waiting until the new year will only set you behind, and you’ll miss the outpouring of growth and success that God has for you. I’ll say it again: the rain is coming, and now is the time to dig those ditches!

Much love,

~Coach Mandy