Getting Over Your Excuses and Moving Your Body More


Getting Over Your Excuses and Moving Your Body More

Welcome to The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 8. For today’s episode, let’s focus on the area of health coaching. Specifically…(don don don) Exercise.

What’s your excuse for not working out?

  • I’m too full.
  • Too tired.
  • Too old.
  • Lack of motivation…pick your day
  • Don’t want to get up….
  • I get home too late to squeeze it in.
  • It’s too cold out!
  • I’ll do it tomorrow….or tomorrow….or tomorrow…

My excuse was too tired and procrastination. Challenge me to eat healthier and think differently and I will say “game on!” I’ll give it my best and learn in the process. But ask me to go work out and I’m more likely to suggest a coffee date where we can have a deep conversation. Exercise has not always been my strong point.

Yet, here I am, typing this story to you while I schedule in next week’s personal training appointments. Oh yes I did. Yours truly hired a personal trainer. The contract is signed and there’s no going back!

My first session was earlier this week and although I felt like a fool as my arms turned into noodles that couldn’t even hold my purse on the way back home, I also felt inspired. Proud. Energized. In just thirty short minutes, I not only worked my arms, I also gleaned some wisdom to help make this exercise journey more bearable. Maybe it will help you too.

1. Get outside of your own head
Each of us have tiny little versions of ourselves running around in our heads. Most of these little minions are making us question our decisions. They’re negative, complaining, whining fools. If we’re going to be successful in anything – especially exercise – we must get outside of our own heads and ignore the voices.

Recognize that your body will retaliate against you when you start working out. That’s normal and it happens to everyone! (Or so my trainer claims.) Start your exercise routine with the expectation that parts of you will not want to do this, but that a greater part of you will be happy that you did once its over.

Listen to one voice, and one voice only – the small one that whispers “yes you can!”

2. Focus on form, not competition
When we get into a gym, many of us naturally get self conscious and want to size up the competition or hope we melt into the wall unnoticed. We feel corny, maybe even stupid as we try to figure out these new machines. Let’s all choose to shed our self-conscious skin and focus on our form, not the competition. Here’s three quick tips to remember:

  • Breathe deeply throughout each movement. Your body needs that oxygen to help your muscles work during this grueling process.
  • Keep your eyes open! As I was pushing through a new movement, I closed my eyes and grunted. My personal trainer took the time to explain to me that the body needs to see whats happening or else it might get confused and pass out. (Nobody wants to be THAT person in a gym!) So keep your eyes open; pick a spot on the wall to stare at and win that staring game!
  • Pay attention to when your body tries to over compensate. If you are getting pulled to one side more than the other, than your stronger side is trying to over compensate for the weaker side. Slow it down and choose a lighter weight if need be. Form is more important than an injury.

3. Be okay with where you’re starting from
Give yourself the grace to start where you’re at. You’re there because you want to see an improvement, not win an award on your first day. It won’t all come at once. It will take time, diligence, and will power. But you can do it! Keep at it and stay consistent with a little bit, every day, and you’ll see the results you’ve been hoping for.

Here’s a confession: I’m not exactly starting where I thought I was at. In fact, I had the lofty idea that I could start training to learn boxing techniques without any strength training whatsoever! Yeah, not likely when my arms feel like noodles after only thirty minutes of weight machines. But here I am, learning and growing, so that a few months from now I can start that goal of boxing. It’s just gonna take a little longer than I had originally planned; I’m pretty sure I’m up to the challenge!

~Mandy B. Anderson

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4 comments on “Getting Over Your Excuses and Moving Your Body More”

  1. Rhonda Wudarczyk

    Wow Awesome podcast! So the little Rhonda’s that are swarming in my head causing all that chatter. I now realize they are there and need to be silenced! I have this habit of starting out pretty good with the exercise then 2 reps in I decide my body has had enough and I don’t need any more, even though I have 3 reps left. Then after a couple weeks, just stop because I don’t want to. You all have helped me with this so much, thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing, Rhonda! Awareness of all the little “Rhonda’s” is the first step to being able to overcome them. Keep it up and listen to this podcast daily if need be! (I even listen to it when I workout sometimes because it keeps me focused to finish my workout.) ~Mandy

  2. Erick S.

    Thank you so much for your HONEST posting!
    I am actually transcribing this in the form of a metaphor because I feel that it applies so well to people that everyday have a challenge of not moving forward with their careers and or wont achieve all that they can.

    Thank you,
    Erick & Ashley

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