41 Random Things I Said and Thought During my First Viewing of Star Wars

41 Random Things I said and thought during my first viewing of Star Wars

By, Raychel Chumley

Somehow I managed to make it 33 years without seeing the Star Wars movies. I know. I know.  I’m not even sure how that happened. When my husband found out a few weeks ago that he was married to a Star Wars virgin he just couldn’t even. Seriously.

I didn’t try to never watch the movies. I just never had the opportunity to. I was pretty stocked when my hubby said we were going to have a Star Wars movie marathon during his days off. 

Here are the 41 random things I said and thought during my first viewing of Star Wars…

  1. Why can’t you download these from iTunes? Seriously Steven Spielberg.
  2. It’s 9 pm and I am at Wal-Mart looking for Star Wars. I even put pants on…these movies better be worth it. ONE copy of movies 1-6 at Wal-Mart. Score!
  3. “OMG! Why are these words moving so fast across the screen. Pause it!” (Major eye roll from hubby)
  4. “Do all Padawan learners have to wear the same outfit and hairstyle?”
  5. “Qui-Gon kind of seems like a douche.”
  6. Jar Jar Binks is not nearly as irritating as everyone said. (I couldn’t say this out loud or my husband would kill me.)
  7. “What?” (I said this a lot in episode 1 when Jar-Jar was speaking…I guess he was annoying.)
  8. “Anikin has zero control. He is kind of a big baby.”
  9. “That girl is not Natalie Portman. Doesn’t Natalie Portman play Queen Amadala?”
  10. “This is going to be a problem.” (Padime and Annikin)  
  11. That guy under the hood is the senator.
  12. “Does that actor every play good guys?”
  13. That dress is gorgeous.
  14. “That ass hat is using Annikin”
  15. “Annikin stop making bad choices!”
  16. “STOP KILLING the Jedi. Stop. I’m turning this movie off.”
  17. “He killed the younglings? What kind of movie is this?!”
  18. “What. The. Hell. He made her die of a broken heart.”
  19. “If this movie doesn’t end with some kind of resolution or redeeming quality I’m going to be pissed.”
  20. “Luke is kind of a whiney baby. Just like his father.”
  21. Han Solo is super cute…Han Solo is a jerk. Reminds me of Brandon.
  22. “I would have been in love with Han Solo in the 70’s.”
  23. “I can’t believe the costumes and sets from these movies from the 70’s…this must have taken forever to put together!”
  24. “When do we see the Millennium Falcon?” (I asked this a lot too…) thought bubble
  25. Yoda is way creepy looking in these movies.
  26. “I think that robot in the garbage room is the model for Wall-e”
  27. “Those laser guns can’t hit the broadside of a barn.”
  28. “What’s a death star?”
  29. “I though Darth Vader only stood around breathing in these movies. I didn’t know he actually talked and acted.” (Major eye roll from hubby here, too.)
  30. “Yoda must be so mad at the Skywalker family by now.”
  31. I wonder if that hairstyle gave her headaches.
  32. “I know it’s probably blasphemy but I think I like the story line in episode 1-3 better.”
  33. “HE SOLD THEM OUT! Why is everyone a prick in this movie?”
  34. “’Luke I am Your Father’…I was expecting that to be a bit more dramatic of a delivery.”
  35. “Search your feelings must be the signature line of this movie.”
  36. Jeez Luke. Get a grip. He’s a whiney baby like his dad.
  37. “It’s always awkward when you realize you kissed your brother.”
  38. “I knew she liked Han Solo. Do they get married?”
  39. I thought that the Ewoks would be cute. But they are actually a little creepy.
  40. “I knew Darth Vader had redeeming qualities. Yay Annikin!”
  41. “I don’t care what my brother says…I liked the ending with Annikin in the shot.”

My husband said…

  • “Watch the movie.”
  • “I don’t remember. Watch the movie.”
  • “I’m not telling you anything else. Watch the movie.”
  • “If you don’t stop talking I’m going to turn off this movie.”

Wow. What a movie! Oh my goodness!! I can’t wait to see number 7!

I hope this post gave you a good laugh but also reminded you how important date night is. It doesn’t take a lot of work to keep the fun and romance alive in your marriage. This week I challenge you to have a date night at your house too! Grab a classic movie you’ve never seen, a few blankets, some snacks, and a bottle of wine and snuggle in for a little fun and romance.


Editors note: I’ve been informed that the Star Wars movies should be credited to George Lucas and not Steven Spielberg. Sorry George. 😉