What to Expect at the Beautiful Wholeness Event

What to Expect at the Beautiful Wholeness Event

We were recently asked, “I noticed that your Beautiful Wholeness Event is coming up and I’m thinking about going, but I’ve never been to a life coaching event before. Can you tell me what to expect?”

“Wow! What a powerful & amazing day to reflect, connect, and grow.” ~Rami Topp, 2016 BW attendee

This is a day specifically designed for YOU. You can expect 3 things…

1. Time to Reflect on what you want in life.
2. Time to Connect with like-minded women.
3. Time to begin Growing into the woman you dream of being.

Spend the day with us Girls on the Big Blue Couch® for North Dakota’s Annual EXCLUSIVE Life Coaching Event! Regardless of how you arrive, you will end the day with a renewed sense of self-worth, greater confidence, banished fears and doubts, a healthier life, and feeling beautifully whole… inside and out!

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