Episode 74: Leadership In Crisis [Podcast]

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We’ve all watched leaders rise to the occasion and we’ve all seen leaders who have crumbled under the weight of crisis. You can be someone who rises to the occasion, no matter what your official title is, if you learn how to lead in a crisis.

Later on in the episode, Joette shares a Walk by Faith coaching segment focused on Proverbs 3:5-6. (And remember to stay tuned in for this week’s Truth Statement at the end!)

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You might not have the title of “Boss” or “CEO” but we all have the title of “Leader.” You lead your children, you lead in your household, you might even lead a team at work or where you volunteer your time. Quite simply a leader is someone who has influence over other people. And, good leaders need to know how to lead in a crisis.

Terrible things happen in our world! Crisis happens more than we care to think about. Natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes rip apart our belongs and our foundations in more ways than just physical. Car accidents and terminal medical diagnosis rock our belief systems. Crimes of terror like shootings, kidnapping, and war are splashed across the evening news. As leaders we need to know how to respond to crisis, how to react to strong emotions and unanswerable questions, and how to bring encouragement and practical next steps to those we have influence over.

Make the tough decisions: No one likes to talk about racial crimes, poverty, or war. No one likes to address finances or fire employees. No one likes to stare in the face of pain and uncertainty. No one likes to handle questions they aren’t sure they have the right answers for. No one likes crisis! But, a leader knows that to lead well they HAVE to make the tough choices. They will make the choices no one else wants to. They will provide those they have influence over assurance that someone is in control.

Prepare your families: If you have a crisis at work or something that is affecting you personally or the community make sure you prepare your family. Talk to your children about what they are seeing on the news or reading on Social Media. Don’t be afraid to admit you are sad and don’t have all the answers. Don’t leave the most valuable people around you in doubt and fear. Children absorb more than we realize and you need to communicate with them so they understand the truth about a situation.

Take care of yourself too: When crisis happens in a family, a business, or a community we will look for our leaders to step forward and sometimes we will suck them dry with our own needs and demands. However, don’t forget that you are human too. Make sure you are taking care of your own emotional and mental needs. Talk to someone to process your own feelings of anger, disbelief, and sadness.



“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) How does this verse apply to recovering from a divorce? Joette shares some tips on how she found confidence after her divorce and how this verse helped her do that!


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