Episode 71: Six Characteristics of a Great Dad, part 2 [podcast]

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In this episode, we finish our “Why Dads Matter” series with part 2 of our focus on 6 Characteristics of Great Dads. Later on in the episode, Raychel shares a Walk by Faith coaching segment about judging a book by it’s cover. (And remember to catch this week’s Truth About Me statement at the end!)

REAL TALK: We are honored to have two very special guests in the studio today! Brandon Chumley (Raychel’s husband) and Lance Moericke (both also known as The Men in the Den) join us to give their perspectives on this very important topic. The questions we discuss in part 2 of this topic are:

1. How has the culture changed from when you were a child to now being a parent? How have you handled these changes?”

2. What are some the life skills you are already teaching your children…and what are some you look forward to teaching them in the future?

3. How does being the spiritual leader of your home make you feel? How do you lead your children by example in this area?


WALK BY FAITH: Fear comes to steal, kill and destroy. Hope comes to rebuild and restore. Fear brings abandonment and pain. Hope heals and forgives. Fear is what makes you crawl into a fetal position for 45 minutes on your bathroom floor. Fear is the overwhelming sense of doom. Fear is the dark, heavy, and overwhelming clouds of depression. Fear is debilitating. Hope is what makes you get back up. Today we focus on HOPE.


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Every week we give you 3 Real Life Application steps to help you apply what you have learned from this week content. Join the conversation and share which action step YOU will apply!

Your action steps this week are:

1. If there is something you and your child are butting heads with in regards to changing culture…take a moment and really think about whether or not this is worth the fight. Will your child’s actions cause them harm…or someone else? If not. Maybe this is something you can let go and let them experience.

2. Make a list of the things you want to teach your child and start making plans THIS week to checking things off that list.

3. Take your child to church this week….or listen to a sermon online together to build a great spiritual foundation for your child. (Elevation church has some great ones!)


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Mandy & Raychel