Episode 70: Six Characteristics of a Great Dad, part 1 [Podcast]

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In this episode, we continue our “Why Dads Matter” series with a focus on 6 Characteristics of Great Dads. Later on in the episode, Mandy shares a Walk by Faith coaching segment about judging a book by its cover. (And remember to catch this week’s Truth About Me statement at the end!)

REAL TALK: We are honored to have two very special guests in the studio today! Brandon Chumley (Raychel’s husband) and Lance Moericke (both also known as The Men in the Den) join us to give their perspectives on this very important topic. The questions we discuss in part 1 of this topic are:

1. With your busy schedules, how do you spend quality time with your kids?

2. What are some of the ways you lead your young children by example when it comes to your values, your lifestyle, and your marriage?

3. What has been your experience as you’ve learned to discipline your children?

WALK BY FAITH: It is impossible to be confident and live a healthy lifestyle when we are holding on to unresolved pain. It is impossible to be a woman of worth when you hold on to bitterness and refuse to forgive others for judging you. As long as I can remember, people have judged me before they knew me. I was the book on the shelf and they judged me by my cover without even reading the synopsis.


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Every week we give you 3 Real Life Application steps to help you apply what you have learned from this week content. Join the conversation and share which action step YOU will apply!

Your action steps this week are:

1. Make a date with your child/children this week. Take them to the movies, go to the part, etc. It doesn’t have to be extravagant! The point is to show your kids they are worth your time and important to you!

2. Get real with yourself and ask yourself this question: “Am I teaching my child by example?” If you don’t like the answer get some help to start setting a good example for your kids.

3. Reinforce boundaries that might be slipping in your family! Don’t leave it up to mom to discipline all the time. Step up and get involved with your children’s correction and discipline.

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Mandy & Raychel