Episode 69: Why A Girl Needs Her Dad [Podcast]

Episode 69

In this episode, we begin a new series called “Why Dads Matter.” The first topic of this series is “Why a Girl Needs Her Dad.” Later on in the episode, Joette will share a Walk by Faith coaching segment called “Trust Is Hard to Rebuild,” and remember to catch this week’s Truth About Me Statement at the end!

REAL TALK: For the next 3 podcasts we will be doing a series called “Why Dad’s Matter.” According to the U.S Census bureau 1/3 of U.S kids are growing up in households without a Father in the home. The presence of a Father has a positive impact on his children. Research shows over and over again that having a father figure is a crucial part of healthy development for a child. Today we share three reasons why a girl needs her dad.

WALK BY FAITH: Trust is hard to rebuild. Joette shares a short devotional coaching segment on how to begin rebuilding your trust even when it’s hard, and what God has to say about it.

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Every week we give you Real Life Application steps to help you apply what you have learned from this week content. Join the conversation and share which action step YOU will apply!

Your action steps this week are:

1. Tell your daughter she is beautiful, smart, and awesome! Every day.

2. Get to know your daughters friends and boyfriends. Set boundaries for your daughter when it comes to boys and dating.

3. Pray with your daughter and FOR your daughter. Be her spiritual role model!

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