Episode 68: Ask The Girls [Podcast]

Welcome to the Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Podcast!

In this episode, we answer your questions during the Real Talk segment with an “Ask The Girls” series. Later on in the episode, Joette shares a Walk by Faith coaching segment about being a busybody. (And remember to catch this week’s Truth About Me Statement at the end!)

REAL TALK: To help us answer your questions this week, we welcome one of the Men in the Den, and Mandy’s husband, Nate Anderson. The questions we answer this week are: 

1. How do you learn to accept and appreciate what you have in marriage (or life) and say goodbye to what you want?

2. How do you figure out your BIG life goals if you’ve never written your goals down before? 

WALK BY FAITH: When does “sharing information” become gossip? Or, better yet, when does “sharing a prayer concern” become gossip? There is someone in every church who fits that description perfectly and it’s all too often a woman. This woman knows everything about everyone because she makes it her business to find information – the busybody.


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Your action steps this week are:

1. Write down some of the things you thought were going to happen when you walked down the aisle. Have a conversation with your spouse about what you want your life to look like moving forward.

2. Start living intentionally by writing down 5 things you would like to accomplish yet this year. Print them out and keep them in front of you.


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Mandy & Raychel