Episode 67: Integrity in Business [Podcast]

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In this episode, we finish our Honor & Integrity Series during the Real Talk segment with a focus for business women on how to have integrity in business. Later on in the episode, Raychel shares a Walk by Faith coaching segment about forgiveness. (And remember to catch this week’s Truth About Me Statement at the end!)

REAL TALK: If you’re going to have integrity in business, you must be real. Be real about your schedule, about the time that you have, your commitments, your family – be real about all of it. You must also learn how to honor other women’s missions.

WALK BY FAITH: Why is it so easy to hold on to guilt? Even when we know the words of Daniel are true that God is merciful and forgiving we often punish ourselves over and over again for mistakes we’ve made. I believe there is truth to the statement, “The hardest person to forgive is yourself.” Why? Because the hardest lesson I’ve ever had to learn is how to forgive myself.


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Every week we give you 3 Real Life Application steps to help you apply what you have learned from this week content. Join the conversation and share which action step YOU will apply!

Your action steps this week are,

1. What are your priorities? Take time to write them down and then assess your schedule accordingly.

2. Look up Sandi Krakowski to learn how to sell your stuff with honor! (No more pimping products girls!)

3. What is 1 thing you can follow through on this week in business? Put it at the top of your list and…GET IT DONE!


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Mandy & Raychel