Designing Your 2015 – part 1 Podcast

Designing Your 2015 – part 1
The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show
Episode 37

What do you want your 2015 to look like? NOW is the time to start asking that question! In part 1 of this goal coaching series, we share with you 5 tips to help you design your 2015 and reach your goals!

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Start designing your 2015 right now. Share with us in the comment section 5 goals you want to reach by the end of next year! (Remember to write them down where you can see them too and reassess often throughout the coming months.) 

Maybe one of your goals is to have a more positive attitude in 2015. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to put that into practice! We encourage you to take action today by downloading our 7 Days of FREE Coaching to help you Feed Your Mind with Truth! Get it here.


Mandy’s Goals from this year were in the areas of (share some of them from planner):

  • Spiritual
  • Personal
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Fun

Goal planning works differently for everyone. There are LOTS of ways to go about it, lots of techniques, etc. so next week, in part 2, Raychel will share some of her perspective and tips on goals to help you plan your 2015. To end today’s show, here are…

5 Quick Tips to Keep You on Track as You Design Your 2015:

  1. Write them down
    There is power in writing things down, especially when it comes to our goals. Sadly, less than 5% of people write down their goals. If you want to be successful with the things that have been laid on your heart to accomplish (which you obviously do, or you wouldn’t be reading this), writing them down is the best place to start. If this is a challenging new habit for you, start small by only writing down three to five goals for the next year.
  2. Stay Accountable
    Accountability is huge when it comes to accomplishing anything in life. It is our own personal responsibility to stay accountable to our goals; however, sometimes we need some reinforcements. Staying accountable with your personal goals could be as simple as telling a friend, or as in depth as joining a class or working one on one with a coach. Take some time to set up accountability boundaries that work for you so 2014 can be filled with attaining your goals instead of procrastinating yet again.
  3. Review Them Daily
    Once you’ve written your goals down, it’s important to review them daily. This is something that I have done for the last four years, only this year I framed them. That’s right. Yours truly found a beautiful, white 8×10 picture frame and put my printed up goals inside of it. Regardless of how you choose to review your goals each day, it’s something that must be done. Reviewing them regularly helps keep you focused on the right things!
  4. Reassess
    Often when we begin writing our goals down, we find that months later there are some things that no longer matter to us, even though we haven’t accomplished them yet. This is not a sign of failing. Instead, it’s a normal part of the goal setting process. Goals are sometimes confused with ideas that we haven’t quite decided upon yet. Not every idea is a great one, and not every goal is a for sure thing we want to accomplish. I highly recommend reassessing your goals once or twice a year to see what is still important to you.
  5. Dream. Journal. Pray.
    Finally, allow yourself to dream, journal, and pray about the goals that you have set. We can all get stuck in the trap of living out Groundhog’s Day. When that happens, its a sure sign that we’re disconnected from our purpose. By carving out time to dream, journal, and pray about the goals you have set, you open up the creative part of your brain and invite God into your daily life. You may just find that by doing this, he’ll drop new dreams into your heart as you make your dreams into goals, and your goals into action.