Fun Date Night Ideas

Fun Date Night Ideas

by, Raychel Chumley

Romance is easy when you are first dating someone. Romance is much harder to maintain as the years go by. That head over heels, romance inducing love you feel in the first stages of courtship only lasts 18 months to 3 years at best, according to psychologists! However, studies show that couples who make time for romance are happier and stay married longer than those that don’t.

Date night is crucial for a happy marriage and keeping the romance alive! Maybe you’re not exactly sure how or where to start. Let alone what to talk about when you finally are alone that doesn’t revolve around work, kids, or money. It can be a challenge, but I’ve got you covered. Here are some date night ideas to help you out:

Out on the Town Date Night Ideas:

  • Expand your palette and dine at a restaurant that serves food you’ve never experienced. 
  • Spend some time downtown eating, listening to live music, and hanging out with great friends! 
  • Spend some time outside! play mini-golf, go to the amusement park, go to the zoo, or explore a local park.
  • Sign up for a class! Learn to dance, cook, or paint. Get creative together and learn a new skill!
  • Enjoy some local talent! Check out an improve show, your local community theater, or a fun community event support local talent and businesses at the same time. 

You don’t have to leave the house to have date night though! Let’s face it, finding a babysitter can be a challenge. Or, funds might be a little low this month. Don’t fret! Date night at home is a great alternative and just as effective to keep the romance alive. Here are some fun ideas to try at home! 

Stay Home Date Night Ideas:

  • Board games with adult rules- Naughty word Scrabble, strip poker, or naked Yahtzee are some great one to try! 
  • Mini-tasting night- Pick your poison and start tasting! Whiskey, tequila, wines, vodka, they all work. You’ll need a variety of them, plus glasses,  crackers, cheese and fruit. Discover the best combos! (idea courtesy of
  • Theme movie marathon- We love these at our house. 
  •  Video Game Challenge-Pull out the old school Nintendo games or grab your Wii and challenge each other at the same time you are having fun.

Not sure what to talk about on date night that doesn’t involve kids, work, or money? Here are some great questions to ask your spouse! 

Date Night Questions to Ask Your Spouse

  1. What was your favorite vacation as a kid?
  2. What are your Top 10 Defining Moments in your life?
  3. What are 25 things you want to accomplish before you die (this might be easier to write this out first and then compare notes.)
  4. What is your favorite memory from our wedding day?
  5. What historical event would you have liked to have been a part of?

Spending time with your spouse reconnecting, recharging, and having fun is so good for you and for your marriage. Date night is a surefire way to keep those happy endorphin’s flowing and ensures romance stays at the top of your to-do list for years to come! 

Until next time!

~Coach Raychel