Four Daily Practice that Build My Faith & Boost My Confidence


By, Joette Knapp

Did you know there are simple daily practices you can do every single day that can build your faith and boost your confidence?  I have four daily practices that build my faith and boost my confidence, and four tools that I use to grow every day. They help me through the good time, and the bad times, and I hope this list encourages you to implement your own daily faith boosting activities! 

My Bible

First is my Bible and my first practice is reading it every day. Whenever I read my Bible I learn more about who Jesus is and the type of person He wants me to be. I read it every day because it sets my mind at ease. It reminds me that God is in control of my day. It gives me peace when my life is chaotic and things are happening hat I have no control over, yet impact my life. Reading my Bible every day gives me hope that situations can change. It is my lifeline to sanity.

My Prayer Journal

My second tool is my prayer journal and my daily practice is to write out prayer requests and praises. Inside are all the prayer requests and praises for my family, friends, church, community, our nation, and our world. I enter prayers for our marriage, safe travel for my trucker husband. I enter prayers for my children and grandchildren that pertain to their lives, their marriages, vocations, and most of all, their spiritual lives.

 I also record all the answers to prayers and the praises that come from recalling all the blessings I’ve been given. I have been keeping a prayer journal for many years and have several volumes. It is very rewarding to sit down and go back through my journals. I am always amazed at the number of prayers that have been answered AND how the prayers were answered. Prayer is always answered better than I had expected. Reading about all the answered prayers and all the praises reminds me that the next time I have a trial in my life I can confidently go to God with it because He always answers my prayers.

My Devotional Book

The third tool I use is my daily devotional. I have several that I use and enjoy and my practice is to go through my devotions first thing in the morning. I find that my day goes much smoother when I have been in the Word first.

My Bible Study and/or Guided Journal

Lastly, I use a Bible Study or guided journal that I work through each day. I have been involved with a Bible Study for four years. It always amazes me that I can learn something new each time I go through a study or guided journal. Bible studies have a way of helping you understand what Jesus wanted us to learn when He orchestrated its writing.

Simple daily practices will help you build your faith and confidence when life is going well…and when life is hard. We all need to use whatever tools we can find to navigate life. When you use the tools God provides, you will be ahead of the game and able to navigate better. We will have the ability to endure the trial with dignity and grace. That, my friend, is what builds your faith and gives you confidence.


~Coach Joette


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