#BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life!

#BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life!

Book Review by: Mandy B. Anderson

This week we are honored to partner with our business coach, Sandi Krakowski, and help her launch her brand new book, #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life.

Sandi has impacted all of us girls on the big blue couch over the last few years. She has taught us how to run a company. She has equipped us to launch coaching programs, products, and events. She has spent hours mastering Facebook so she could impact people positively and then turned around and taught it to us and anyone else that was willing to learn. Sandi has majorly impacted us through the last few years!

But the way she has impacted us the most is with our mindset. And her new book is not just a self-help/devotional book to add to your library; it’s a guidebook to keep by you at all times so you’re ready to fill your mind with truth and encouragement when you need it most!

The war on mediocrity has begun and #BEMORE is the movement that is preparing us all for victory! This book is filled with secrets that uncover the encouragement and truth that we all need to rise up and live the powerful lives we have spent way too long ignoring. It’s easy to read in one sitting or can be taken in bite-sized pieces like a 77 day devotional book.

It is brilliantly divided into the following 5 sections:


Here’s a peek at some of the secrets hidden within this book, this #BEMORE movement –

SECRET #2 – Catch God’s vision for your life. Your life is a message someone is reading every day. Give a bold message of God’s great love and the greatness we are designed for! #BEMORE

SECRET #13 – Tame your tension. No matter how difficult, you can rise above your challenges. Don’t lose sight of your future. #BEMORE

SECRET #17 – Know yourself. You are not a chameleon. Being adaptive is great. Losing who you are so that you blend in isn’t. #BEMORE

SECRET #41 – Be a source of good. You were created to change the world in your generation! If you only touch one person, that person could be the one to change nations! #BEMORE

SECRET #68 – Be courageous. When we make a choice to be courageous, it’s amazing how much courage comes to us! You are more powerful than you think, my friend! #BEMORE

How encouraged and pumped up to overcome do you feel after just reading these short snippets? These are the truths we must focus on to rise up and #BEMORE from this point forward. It’s not just a book…it is a movement and a lifestyle.

Every woman (and man) who wants to finish 2014 strong and start 2015 with the right focus NEEDS this book! It’s one I will refer to again and again and again. Thank you Sandi for these powerful truths so the world can rise up and #BEMORE.

To get your copy of #‎BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life by Sandi Krakowski, run to www.thebemorebook.com!

Have a fabulous day and may you be blessed, be healthy, and be inspired!




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